"Address not eligible for redemption" even after voting

I VOTED IN BOTH THE POLLS, IT STILL SAYS “Address not eligible for redemption” for Rage quit.
This is my wallet 0x2A4b13ccb0F154A3A4391e4833BBD18D0139a55e

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Same here

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And even if i have wmemo it doesn’t let me convert anyhow

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exactly, I wasn’t even able to claim my BSGG

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Can you shed some light to me, do I claim it too? Any gas fees included?

I couldn’t access it, so how can I tell you :joy:

What is your address ?

Post it here

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When I put your address in there it says no vote:

This is using the Snapshot info.

there’s some error then

I literally tweeted after voting

So a technical glitch on the. snapshot just cost me $250 ?

Can’t say for sure since I don’t know every variable, but maybe. Add your address in the comment you made on the support post so we have it if someone looks into it.

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Experiencing the same as above. I WL and both my addresses not eligible. How do I proceed?

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