Airdrop memo to everyone who has held memo through the cascade liquidations caused by failure to buy at backing price

Sifu said multiple times in the channel that the backing price would be honored. Hundreds of people were liquidated today under the backing price while Sifu sleeps.

We are told we over leveraged by clowns. This is bull, most of us were way below backing price and should not have been liquidated at all.

I say if the team can airdrop memo to people who try to help out with useless NFT’s, then the team can airdrop memo to holders of Wmemo and believers in this project.


Second this. And not .2 memo. Price down 25% because oops the bots ran out of money. Just a shame, so many hopes and dreams were riding on this. Much of it could have been prevented, this latest could have also.

I don’t know what to think anymore. Moves down with BTC, moves down when BTC moves up as well. I’m so far down… My fault for overinvesting and believing this thing had a shot and the team would be professional, eg not let bots run out of critical funds, not swearing and creating wars on Twitter. I’ve watched a relative fortune descend into almost nothing. What to do but kick myself.


May be a similar discussion. Just posting here for reference. Liquidation problem, Sifu and Dani's statement and Gaining Trust - #10 by kryptonyte41

I suggest we give 1wMemo to everyone.

Doing so you will make the price of wMemo loss value for every one.

This is not a good idea.
Crypto asset are risky borrowing risky in a new crypto asset increase the risk.

You can get more reward by doing so but you and only you need to assume the consequence of doing it.

Facts and not chat. Let us know how to recover lost money thanks to your strategies

wait and buy when the price is under the backing price. Don’t borrow using wmemo for now

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