Careful Communication

Guys, seriously,

Let’s please be careful and thoughtful on how we communicate moving forward. The concept of wrapping vs. staking and the focus towards wMEMO might seem simple for some of us to understand, but we know for a fact that the vast majority of investors:

  1. Don’t read the full announcements
  2. Are new to the whole DAO concept
  3. Are highly sensitive to FUD

We can clearly see the impact on the price of TIME. For newbies, the communication towards wMEMO can easily sound as “Time will cease to exist”, and I can already see people talking about “slow rug pull” and all that crap we already know.

Guys - please. Do something to stop the bleeding. I’ve invested 100K USD in this thing, 2 months ago, and currently I have around 30K. I’m dying to see it happening, and it needs to stop.

Let’s cut this “stronger frogs” BS, please. Money is money, we shouldn’t care who it comes from. Every frog counts! We talk so much about having a diverse community, after all.

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What else can they do? I mean the info is posted everywhere.
Should they go to their house, knock on their door and preach them about wMEMO like some Jehovah witness?
I mean, isn’t the duty of every investor to DYOR?
You DYOR, I DYOR, we are here on the forum, i’m in discord, i’m on twitter, i read, i learn, i do my part.
There’s no guarantees that anything will work in the end, but the math and the trust is still there.

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Instead of “Guys - please. Do something to stop the bleeding
Try, “I have a proposal to improve the DAO…”.
Don’t be a sheep and instead, communicate your ideas.


Asking the community what they think before doing any drastic changes to the protocol. Creating content that is simple and easy to digest to anyone who’s new to DAOs, and not simply sweeping any traces of TIME and MEMO from their website. Adopting a phased instead of a Big Bang approach, etc. etc… Is it that hard for you to think of the possibilities, that you went straight to the ‘door-to-door’ thing? There’s a sea of possibilities when it comes to change management, and you’d know if you ever had to do it as part of your job.

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I’ve started my post saying we need to better communicate with our investors, haven’t I? Do your want me to draw a plan? This community is quickly turning into a cult. This is a business, not a game.

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I agree with you, this is why RFC and WIP exist. But i don’t think the transition to wMEMO is a drastic one. Besides the fact that the info was posted everywhere, interviews and AMAs were done about it for weeks.

I’m with you here, mate, please don’t get me wrong. But we could clearly see the reflection of the changes into the price. I’m a HUGE fan of these guys and I’ve put 90% of all my money into this project. The thing is, there’s FUD everywhere, and the investors who have played around with the calculator and dreamed of a new life 12 months later are now frustrated and running away. Look at Discord and Twitter. There’s a LOT of people who still don’t even know what wrapping is all about. Daniel is getting a lot of hate, and that again points towards what I’ve raised earlier: we need to better communicate and address the community’s doubts and pain points. We desperetaly need better PR.

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