[DAO Discussion] - Rebirth of the Ecosystem

The Wonderland community has been discussing ways to implement Dani’s vision he spoke of on the last AMA.

On the AMA Dani expressed:

Dani went on to explain different ways he thought this could happen. THIS DISCUSSION is about his second preferred option, as he stated it.

One way to implement Dani’s second preferred option was discussed on Discord and gatherd support.
The general idea, without much details yet, goes like this:

Wonderland will purchase mSPELL from Abracadabra with some sort of deal/discount/bribes owed/something to be worked out. (Maybe 100 Million Dollars??? just a crazy guess)

Wonderland will take that mSPELL and hold onto it while farming Magic Internet Money with the mSPELL. The Magic Internet Money will be distributed to WMEMO holders in a FARM on Wonderlands website. The money that will be given to Abracadabra will help Dani full fill his “life goal”.

This is a discussion, please add your input and vote to help us get a better sense of how the community feels.

  • I would like Dani to get his SPELL and create a MIM farm for WMEMO holders.
  • I do not want Dani to get his SPELL.
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The Treasury buys mSPELL with a special deal from Dani. It then holds onto this mSPELL, while the MIM that is generated will go into a FARM for Wonderland WMEMO holders to stake into and earn MIM.


I am for option 2. At Wonderland’s Core, and what I believe why most invested in the first place is the idea of Decentralized Fund giving us Revenue Share. Let Daniele name his $$Number and lets work out a deal to get us the maximum APR rev share for our investment into Abra. We’re all part of the same ecosystem but for now I believe maximizing rev share for Wonderland investors is most important.


Option 1 has got my vote. I like the whole package idea and see the added value in merging it. But as was said here already: maximizing rev share for Wonderland investors is most important at this point in time, so be sure to make it worth their while and we should be golden.


I don’t see a case for anything other than Option 2. Option 1 likely won’t garner enough support and with Abra being in a bad spot I don’t see their people agreeing to merge as any reasonable deal would make their position no longer a majority token holder simply based on fair valuation.


Option 2 is a good start, however I’m open to option 1 as well!

Great work ghostzero!!!


I`d vote for optioon 1 or 2. If Dani beleives in it so do I.
Lets vote

what would happen with the wmemo holders bsgg tokens that have not been distrunuted ?
Also what about the revenue from cross the ages that wonderland has invested in ?

Just thoughts ?

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In the next few months, it is better for fund managers to invest in btc and eth than to buy spell. WL money make money for WL community, not abr’s exit fee…

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Ser I like the engagement, but please chill… Calling people idiots and claiming fraud here and there is not the way to go.


It seems that the decision of what and how much Wonderland should invest in, has been up to the Wonderland “TEAM”, and not the individuals token holders.

Dani feels there should be a discussion on the matter of buying more SPELL, to fund ABRA to “do things”.

Most discussion happens on discord, and there appear to be 2 different camps.

Camp 1: “F*ck no! GTFO you stupid SPELL.”
Camp 2: “Yeah that’s cool, or at least better than merging, free MIM in a FARM would be cool.”

So I added a POLL, please vote so we may all get a feel of the community.


Thank you for this! Voted, bring on the MIM farm :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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thanks for the feedback, please vote.

good point, thanks, please vote.

Thanks for the feedback, I added a vote, please vote.

I’m ok to invest in Abra but I don’t agree with the merge.
Wonderland is a VC and has to generate value for his investor. It’s not a piggy bank for Abracadabra.
Invest in Abra has to be make with ad detail proposal. Ad it has to be a positive deal for wonderland holder like any our other investment.

If this collaboration has some positive results, we can start to discuss a new deal or maybe even a merge, but first we need a clear view, a roadmap and settle milestones to met :muscle:


You are correct. I apologize for that outburst and will edit… I would truly appreciate it if someone, anyone, were to address the giant elephant in the room: How the f**k was it possible for Dani to raid the WL treasury to the tune of generating a $9M loss for WL owners with ZERO in return?

At the VERY LEAST, we should get a truckload of mSPELL $ for $ to make WL whole and allow some upside. I mean, wtf??? Where have all the capitalists gone?

In the spirit of speaking the obvious, what is the intrinsic value of a MIM farm anyway? It seems that ABRA owes WL $9M. Let’s imagine WL decides to take a bag of mSPELL to cover the $9M, and MIM emissions are distributed to wMEMO holders. So now WL has a mSPELL farm emitting MIM tokens. Have we seen an audit of MIM? Is this $9M secured with something else until WL recovers its principal? Or is it unsecured and a blowout like UST leaves WL with a bag of dung?

As for this proposal, for arguments sake, assume WL says “no” to Dani’s hope of us bankrolling his dreams. I would be shocked if there were alternative sources for Dani to get his hands on $100M in a deal as sweet as this, since no informed VC/PE or whale would extend this size of a line after the SIFU debacle showed a monumental blindside when it comes to recognizing existential risk.

Sadly, this blind spot eliminated the goodwill and trust Dani had generated, in essence, obliterating Frog Nation. Only because of the will of the Frogs has the protocol survived this far. Have people forgotten that Dani was on the verge of liquidating the protocol unilaterally because he had no faith in anyone from the community stepping up and taking the helm? Our “community” has more professional experience, knowledge and ability than 100 Dani’s.

In a gesture that was likely made on a whim, without clearly thinking it through, Dani publicly promises to make whole investors who irresponsibly decided to leverage a rebase protocol to tilt. Why? Because of the liquidations that occurred below the backing price. The problem was not the liquidations. Those levered positions should not have been there to begin with. But moving on, he fails to follow through on this promise because, well, it was a very very bad idea to start with. A reputation hanging by a thread was hit with a blowtorch.

When screening potential traders for a spot on my desk, I am immediately drawn to a candidate with several massive failures/blowups in the early part of their career followed by a series of modest successes. This shows an evolution of character and propensity to learn from mistakes. When I see a massive success early on followed by a string of modest to severe blowups, I shred that resume immediately. It suggests the early success was primarily luck, right place right time, etc… But what’s worse, the early success is leading to extremely poor judgment as the individual is chasing his own performance like an addict chasing the feeling after taking their first hit from the crack pipe.

I am often tempted to accumulate so much wMEMO that I could control the outcome of obscene proposals. But then I remember how much I enjoy MAKING money and how shitty I feel when I lose money.

I mean, he did explain in the AMA why he did it. Although it may not be a satisfactory answer.

The multisig has also been updated by removing the “unknown” person who is apparently one of the dev.

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