Dissolve the project, return the treasury money to the frogs

aye no mim all my homies use USDC

Dani is too close to AVAX tbh. USDC please

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i’d be happy if i only break even - i dont want any profits, but i wouldnt be too happy about losing 70% after over 3 months of staking…

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Honestly, too early for this vote imo. I’m not saying im against it, but I want to hear other alternatives.

Treasury is still yield farming. We still have several investments like BSGG and AVAX Liquid Staking coming this quarter.

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I think this will only be possible if Dani pays out of pocket

How much effort has been put in by Wonderland Management to ensure that Frogs can continue to get liquidated? Generally, MOST OF IT.

you dumb no more merger

This is the best thing for the frogs and would save dani’s image and other projects. Please do this!

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You don’t just say what you want and it goes my friend. Votes are looking like we want to dissolve


Yes. agree with this at 100%.

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Total Holders of Time Token = ~30,000
Total Holders of wMemo Token= ~90,000
Time Treasury Balance= 670,000,000

If we combine total holders of time and total holders of wMemo, we would be looking at a backing of roughly $5,583 per person in the ecosystem. I am unsure what the average dollar cost invested per time user is, but it is possible to do a system where every person receives “X” % of what they invested back to them or “X” dollar amount back.

Honestly, I would be more in favor of the latter than the former as I believe this is fairer to more individuals in the ecosystem. However, we could put that up to a vote with the pros/cons of that type of decision-making laid out once the numbers are up. This would be one direction that we can go.

The second direction that we can go is to stop wasting treasury funds on buybacks in the ecosystem for a period of time and use that money to grow the treasury again through investments. It is still possible that we can invest that $670,000,000 to earn money until we have enough pack and pay every frog for their initial investments or to continue to a rev sharing model. If this route is gone, the ability to buy and sell wmemo/time should be locked until the VC can pay back the current investments of time users. Afterwards, the wmemo/time trading pairs could be reopened to let the market decide who wants to continue to stay or leave the project.

We are not in a fish dead in the water just yet. We have to think soundly and logically about what direction that we as a community wish to go in



disagre… invested on basis of info u had at that time… u win its ur profit…u loose …its on u as well


dont pay anything… go on as planned … all the fud is natuaral now… when the price goes up and the team delivers all is forgotten…saw it tooooo many times


Hello, I would like to draw everyone’s attention that the proposed redistribution of the treasury will not make you whole. I was invested in Giza DAO and they did a redistribution, it worked smoothly and the treasury was given back to all stakers excluding the team. Please attention to what you are choosing; you will get the BACKING VALUE for your wmemo and you WILL NOT get something like 10k per TIME. Maybe removing Sifu and continuing might be a better idea if you believe this project can still succeed.
Also, the snapshot should be taken whenever this proposition turns into a WIP, sorry but noone told you to leverage your monthly rent into something paying 80k% APY…


I agree to pay original holders that held and didn’t sell or leveraged not to pay who sold or risked by leveraging.


You won’t get it back if it’s dissolved. You will get the 1900 or whatever

For you and the rest of you crabbing on: If you sold then why in the great cosmos fuck are you still here?..BEat it and don’t let the door hit ya where the gods split ya on the way out. Christ!
Tired of reading the latest news to find shit like this still being allowed to stew amongst the concerned. Fuck off already!

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The questions are bias and stupid.

just no
everything is still solid . This is all an emotional reaction.
Farmig by the treasury is still ongoing. Treasury is still intact. Nothing was stolen or hacked or scammed. Just human panic and market action. Thats it.
No do not disolve.


I agree. Without SIFU we can get the project back on track. If you don’t want to participate in this new phase, just leave. The project is strong, it has strong foundations, which we need to focus now on rebuilding Worderland.