Don't refund the People, it's not how the market goes, do (something like) this instead

I’m down 80% or so. Basically, I only have 20% left of my initial investment. And I still didn’t exit, just wrapped my MEMO. At this point, going to 0 is not really affecting me. In my case, it wasn’t a life-changing sum of money, but it was still a good chunk of my investing power so to say.

I would agree to this, but I don’t think it makes sense frankly. I mean, it’s not how the markets go. Plus, the prices didn’t only crash because things got out of control and took a downturn, but because of the aggressive bear market spanning over 3-4 months. Sometimes you get get, sometimes you get got. It’s how the market goes.

In my opinion, the product handled the Bullrun pretty well in terms of resistance, at least for the first 1-2 months. Nevertheless, I believe that it would be better for the protocol to make us more money rather than refund us.

Now we’re talking :thinking:

Indeed, there are funds for refunds, however, it would better use that money to generate more value that would be distributed to us, the investors.

I would rather get my investment back + some extra more in the coming 4-6 months and continue to get a share from the revenue rather than getting all my investment back and crippling the ecosystem.

As I understood from a previous proposal, there are chances of a 40% APR. Well, that’s nothing compared to 86k% APY. Frankly, it doesn’t have to be. If this is a stable 40% APR paid in stables while the investment value is slightly increasing over time, it’s good for me. Plus, we can compound.

However, about this proposal regarding paying back the initial investment of the people, I think there can be a middle way solution.

I believe the users should not be refunded. The protocol should simply make them more money.
However, the truth is, as it is my case, with 20% left of my investment left, it would take years to get back my initial principal back without investing more of my money into it.

I don’t want that! (However, I still want to invest more in the project).


What I want, and what I think would be equitable, is the following: :exploding_head:

:black_nib:︎ Keep the revenue share model, drop the APY model.
:black_nib:︎ Offer a stable ARP, whether it is 20%, 40%, or 100%
:black_nib:︎ For long-term holders, offer regular airdrops so that these would cover the initial investment in a matter of 3-6 months.
✇ The airdrops should be in stables or a token that would not drop 80% in value after 30 minutes as BSGG did, you know, such as AVAX or FTM, or a token with a huge Market Cap and Volume. wMEMO is good too I guess.

In this way, people will benefit from the new revenue-share model, the project wouldn’t be crippled, and long-term holders (those who lost 50% or more most likely) would get their investment back + some extra.


The issue with your proposal is that there was no way for the team to figure out who the long term holders were. Looking back at the BSGG airdrop, the team decided for two reasons that every wallet adress would get the same amount.

1, it’s fair.
2. It’s not possible to figure out who a long term holder is. Well maybe it’s possible, but by all means write a script yourself you know lol(It will take a while).

With the rest I agree, but there are already different DAO Discussion threads regarding a proposal like that.


If you want your suggestion to potentially be taken into consideration, I suggest posting in the WIP post. Otherwise, this post will get lost with the other discussions.

We are voting on the WIP soon and it most likely wont be changed, but you’ve got nothing to lose by voicing your opinion on it.


There’s no way anyone besides those who bought in on the recent crash would get ALL of the investments back anyway. The backing price is still WAY under where most of us bought. I agree with what your’e saying though. If we keep the $ in the project it has potential to grow to a point where we could break even or better. I’m feeling to vote no on rage quit for this reason.

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