Formation of committees from the community

[RFC]Discussion for proposal to form community based volunteer committees that present formalized proposals.

I submit for your consideration, a topic of discussion for formation of committees that discuss and present formalized content to the Wonderland community for areas in the project that have been considered lacking. Some examples of committees we could discuss forming are;

Public Relations Committee/Announcement and Public Releases Committee/Social Media Committee
Hiring/Scouting Committee/Human Resources
Technology Resource Committee
Investor Education Committee
Investment Analytics Committee/Investment Allocation Committee
Advertisement Committee
Whitepaper Update Committee
Website Improvement Committee

Are we not a decentralized autonomous organization with governance? We should be organizing and and governing our Wonderland. We have BRILLIANT people here that know a lot. We could have people who know what they are talking about, talking with each other, then bringing us an organized proposal to vote on. We can be a streamlined project that will tackle the future of decentralized finance.

This is something I would like to see, and I know not everyone thinks the same way, so please share your thoughts, criticisms, or amendments in the comments below.

  • Option A - We form subcommittees with a grand committee prior to presenting proposals
  • Option B - We only form topical committees
  • Make No Changes

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I don’t know if it’s faux pas to bump your own thread, but this got buried in like 20 other threads. It’s possible that it’s just an unappealing proposal and that’s why it’s empty, or maybe because I did RFC instead of general? I’m usually a commenter, not a proposer. Anyway, I’m glad our vote is being respected and I personally feel this is a potential way forward.

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These are very good ideas,we’ve been thinking about something like this for Wonderland 2.0. You’re clearly agead of us though. Would you like to collaborate to impelement something like this into our proposal?

Bumping for you.

Really like the idea that community members can add to Wonderland on a topic/theme that they are passionate about.

What would you suggest for the scope of the committees? And how is there any requirement to join a committee? Is there an incentive for people to join, or is it for those who are passionate?

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Also think this could be a great idea. I voted for forming topical committees as the grand committee could be the DAO and/or the management team depending on the proposal.

That being said, we would obviously need some guidelines for these committee to operate.

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LarryFisherman, I have to say, you are quite gifted with how you give people direction.

So, I will break down how I envision each category for the committees I had presented here.
For an incentive to join, I think volunteer may be better, simply because you get people who enjoy doing an activity for the good of the community (and their bags, ultimately.)
It’s too early for any leadership positions or elections in regards to committees, but that may be something we would have to revisit in the future.
I think it would be good to have a role, and a dedicated discord channel for each committee that only that role could see. People who wish to be in more than one committee would simply have the extra discord roles. I view these groups as merely brainstormers (?) who can gather community sentiment, work up proposals, and review existing logistics of their topic.
Below I have quoted myself and added how I see these committees. If people like the idea and have thoughts on how to improve, I would like that too. I just want to see us working together on our common goal.

I put your original quote below in case people don’t see who I was responding to.


This is awesome!

Few follow-ups:

  • Do all committees start on ‘day 0’? (asking as there are quite some)
  • There are a few committee’s that work directly with/for a paid team, is there a risk of blurring the line between the two?
  • Should committees be included in the governance process, or are they similar to an individual making a proposal?

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see committees starting on day zero, they need people. I think they would have to grow organically, perhaps with a starter thread where we can say, pssst, if you’re interested in this, talk here in this thread for your topic of interest. We would have to ask the Discord admin for perms and/or roles.
I don’t think there is a risk of blurring the line on committees that report findings to a paid team. It’s more like we are still community individuals, but we wish to brainstorm with others who are excited about this topic and can have a unified song, instead of a bunch of discordant chirps that are hard to keep up with, before it gets to the points of final decision.
Committees maintain their position in governance as individuals, but push forward the formal proposals as a pre-unified voice.

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