Full Audit on Wonderland and Treasury

I think we need to do a FULL FINANCIAL AND CODE AUDIT on Wonderland, and see if any tokens are transferred out. If so, is it done under LEGITIMATE PURPOSE or SHADY PURPOSE?

If SHADY - we take the funds back by legal means or through criminal prosecution. We need to hold them to account.

if LEGIT - what were the reasons? Was it because it was payments for DEVs?? if so - All good! Thumbs up. :slight_smile: - We trust those who do the right things.

I don’t know enough about programming but is there “code” that could send tokens out without MULTI SIGN Wallet??? (eg: When tokens are minted, we know one goes to the minter at a discount, one token gets given to the treasury, but can another to two token be given to an “unknown” wallet address", if so - is this why there are continuous dumps???)

Why do we need to do this when the transaction is open?
We need to do this because not everyone can read the transactions, and do a track and trace analysis. We need someone who is independent and an expert in this field to do this kind of forensic analysis and provide an easy to read report. This may also include interviewing people in the DEV team, as well as looking at the CODE to see if it has any “bug” that could be exploited do the detriment of the FROGS.

Who should do this?
I’m open to anyone who can make suggestions as I am not a forensic analysis in Crypto space.
This is one of them - could be of use:

When should it be done?
As Soon As Possible because if it doesn’t, Proposals such as merger for SPELL TOKENS would mean that the evidence in Wonderland protocol / Treasury / Dev’s work could be DELETED, and people forget about it as they are focus on the SPELL tokenomics

Why do this first instead of other proposals?
We should do this first because:

  • More Funds into Treasury by taking it those who are shady
  • Higher wMemo price because Confidence is Restored (to either sell out or stay in - your choice)

If there is a proposal to wind down the treasury, at least we know that we stopped the bleed and ensure that our earnings have resulted in higher treasury balance as well!!

Please make comments to see if this is achievable!


I think it’s great idea.

For Wonderland to survive we need lots of creditability that it is currently losing each day or some massive gains and I mean now, not possible gains in the future what with current market maybe really hard to accomplish so external audit made by TRUSTED entity is in my view the only way to keep that last drops of creditability and keep wonderland going.


We need to look into the following:

  • Treasury wallet movements.
  • Sifu’s transactions on known addresses since at least 6 months before the launch of Wonderland.
  • Any people in the Frog community Sifu vouched for, or pushed to appoint into different positions in Wonderland. (Including looking at their wallets.)
  • All project investments made by Sifu with treasury funds. Cross reference with any addresses detected throughout the audits. (Did Sifu do massive buys on tokens before the treasury did, pumping his own bags? We gave him the power to do this, so while not illegal in crypto, it’s unethical and would be evidence of mismanagement of our funds for personal gain.)
  • Look into any recurring buy/sell profiteers over the last few months on wmemo and time. See if there are any patterns, very successful traders will win 60% of the time. Start looking at anyone winning more than that with sums greater than 1m in wallets.
  • Once those wallet movements have been scrutinized, look for any relationships between the winners and Sifu. Any common wallets? (what we’re looking for here is insider trading. Was someone made aware of buybacks before they happened and is paying off Sifu after they make these big plays.)
  • Look into any projects Sifu was an advisor to. Recommend they begin similar activities in due diligence.

Finally, there’s the question of Sifu’s already massive holdings in Wonderland and the lasting impact this can have on the project. Not much we can about that, but it definitely makes me uneasy that despite any upcoming votes on his removal - he can continue to have significant influence on the project. Maybe devs could do something about this, but it could fracture an already vulnerable community.

Transparency on this topic (and all topics going forward) will be paramount to rebuilding trust and credibility of the project.

While this is bad, this is not something we can’t come back from. We need to restructure how things will work going forward, as Sifu was hyped up to the levels of a deity. This can and will happen again without bringing in people who can challenge the status quo and make proper changes. We still have a large treasury and we still have a massive community, and I’m sure they would appreciate seeing things move quickly in the right direction.


how much do you think that scamming cunt sifu got away with?

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Hi @captaincooked69,

As discussed in my topic about some Due Diligence of the team, posted here: [DAO Proposal] Due Diligence over Wonderland's team

I completely agree with you.
A thorough audit is essential right now!

Maybe, we can merge your topic and mine, if we advance to the second step of the proposal!

This needs to be done now . Before we vote on sifu. What if he was acually trying to turn his life around? And we all just shoved him aside? And he was actually being truthful, im not saying im hating on him cuz he was/is a scammer… but if if all of his transactions were on what he staked and his portion of the treasury, then why kick him out? I believe we all make mistakes. But, I’m the type of person to give it a second shot, if it doesn’t work out. Then then change needs to come.

Agree. Let’s start with the treasury address and crawl out from there. I’m sure an experienced forensic analyst is capable of doing the digging.

He is likely to be stood down, if there is nothing wrong from the Audit. There will be another chance. But there will be controls and monitoring in place. Who knows, there may be other more experienced treasurer out there.

It’s not like he is the only one in the world who can invest a fund. Also Is he even qualified and have the financial smarts to make money ? Also you said if it doesn’t work out, even if it costs the treasury ? Are you willing to risk it ? Also it is know that he has multiple shady acts. Not just one and asking for second chances.

At the end of the day, investors need confidence need the treasurer as well as having skills to bank returns, who wouldn’t want that.

agree track all large wallet movement since both cascades.

Well, also, who’s to say the new treasurer doesn’t get greedy and take it all out?

New treasurer could be greedy and take it all out! That’s why I said about Controls and Monitoring!!! Do you know what controls and monitoring means?
It means things like Background Check, Quarterly reporting, Full Audit in place every Year, etc.

This is TO ENSURE that they don’t do anything shady. This is why most big corporations with CFOs having access to billions don’t simply just run away… its because they CAN"T unless the whole exec team are in on it too… (think ERON).

Bernie Madoff was a one man show… but people trusted him and lost billions and now has died in prison.

Hi All

As an update -I found a professional forensic analysis company which could help us investigate the Treasury to ensure that there is nothing UNTOWARD with the transactions that is happening.

Please let me know if this is of use and worthy ???

This is a good idea!

Let’s move forward with this.

IMO, this is one of the most critical pieces to determining whether or not Wonderland should continue and should be considered before any other proposals about moving forward with changes in leadership. After many missteps, Existing devs and leadership team need to restore confidence by proving once and for all, there isn’t nefarious stuff happening here. We desperately 3rd party audit of transactions of the development team including Dani, Sifu, whomever else. Tons of conflicting information on transactions and wallets on Twitter and social media. These need to be either confirmed or denied through in-depth on-chain analysis for every major transaction since inception.

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