Have Coingecko and Coinmarketcap include explanatory note at top of $TIME listing page

Hi folks,

Since $TIME (and MEMO) are now defunct and only WMEMO has effective utility, propose to have coingecko and coinmarketcap include an explanatory note at the tope of $TIME listing page to renew integrity in, and demonstrate transparency and good intent of, the Wonderland community (I’m thinking of the Coingecko tickertape alert messages that appear at the top of the screen when a project has updated their contract address etc.).

This way those that are new to crypto or the project won’t feel cheated when they realise they can’t get 77k% return on their investment and buy a lambo next week (or for the more savvy new crypto investor, earn MEMO which they can wrap to WMEMO).


Great idea actually.

This should probably be a [DAO Discussion] on the way to a quick RFC/WIP/Snapshot route.

Appreciate the feedback @xlx . Should I be reposting somewhere else or can this idea stay here? Forgive the ignorance but it’s my first post in this community.

The sticky here is a bit old but should still work:

You could make a new post in the General Discussion category, where it may or may not get more views, or a mod could format & move the post. :frog:

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I’ll bring it up. Don’t think we need a full WIP just for this.

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Thanks @xlx was about to post and then saw reply from @NalX so will leave here for now.

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