Help me, please

Hi, I don’t understand English very well, so I’m struggling a bit to understand everything well. I understand that I am on the list to exchange my wmemos in usdc + bsgg. but if you do not want to sell and leave everything staked as it is now, what development prospects are there? Have valid plans been made?
I don’t know where to look to understand better.
I would like to trust you again, is it convenient for me?

Currently we are looking at finding a new treasury manager to have the treasury start making money:

Our liquid staking platform is stil being built:

A lot of proposal are on going on the forum to be better organized for the long run.

That being said, if you are unsure, you can redeem, wait to see how things are going and buy back. However, you take the risk of the price moving around.

If you do want to stay you could still redeem and buy back right away. This would increase your position given that the redemption price is higher than the market price.

Thank you very much for the clear explanations. Unfortunately I have only just read your answer and the possibility to sell and buy back is no longer there. Never mind, I would have stayed in the project anyway. Let’s see how this will evolve. Good day.

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