Missed Whitelist

Hi guys, I totally missed the whitelist and I can’t access at the site right now. Is it normal? How much should I wait until I can access?
Thank you

It still doesn’t work, even though I voted, I’m for some reason not eligible to get the cash :)))


If you missed the whitelist, it’s too late to vote, you will have to sell on Sushi if you want out.
Site is not loading right now due to the amount of traffic trying to claim.

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All you guys talking about the whitelist which doesn’t work and the token disappear! WTF!

What it is this rage quit? What is the benefit of changing the lower amount of an investment to MIM - on RQ and what is the difference with just trading on sushi? Another scum? Where explained?

Someone has the link to the voting snapshot?

The WIP has the answer to all your questions.

I missed out on the whitelist vote because It was difficult to keep up with me not being able to get into the discord. Is it possible to get someone to look at why I can’t get into the discord? Everytime I try to join it says error. This is my discord name adolfo#9608

Should be good :slight_smile: Looks like you joined when we were getting raided and the bot banned you.

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I tried to Rage Quit but couldn’t get on the discord to channel. I’m not sure what to do from here either, can anyone help? is it too late to quit?

Hey, unfortunately, yes :frowning:

Ok thank you, was there any benefit to not quit? is there a possibility that we will be rewarded for not quitting?

Unknown at this time. Time will tell…

I live in hope lol, thank you for your honesty

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