More transparency from SIFU personal takings from Treasury

I would rather have Sifu spend time on growing the treasury than filing reports and excel sheets for the sake of “transparency”…

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Did you read the proposal?
There is no mention of filing reports & excel sheets… however, things like this should never happen again:
This only hurts us investors no matter if it is a lie or not. With this proposal, Sifu is only able to take personal $$$ from the treasury one day a month. Not random anymore for personal gains or to cover personal losses (if the twitter thread is true)


Oh, please do not get me wrong, I am with you on this one, but I am not convinced this will definitely solve the issue…

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For sure that is possible… But we at least can try something to stop the FUD because it is the second time now FUD is spreading around on Twitter about this topic, if you have ideas to add in please do!

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I agree we need 100% transparency here as this will stop misinformation spreading and allow for us to have peace of mind from bad actors.



This is unclear 5% of circulating supply but circulating supply of TIME is not constant.
When were the snapshots of total circulating supply of time considered? At that moment how many TIME was taken ? Which txn? How many % were already taken? It is not hard to be transparent.


Sifu moved $28M CVX out of treasure 5 days ago and now farming it on his own wallet.
Meanwhile backing price is lower each day. Transparency is very needed.


by the way got muted for a week for asking about this on discord

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Has Sifu addressed this allegation specifically? What about Dani? Will not jump to any conclusions without hearing more. Thanks for posting this.

Dani did reply on one of the tweets yes. Nothing to it really.

Sifu got paid, like he always does. He used his payment to increase his collateral days before the crash (probably like he has done multiple time in the past).
Days later, the price crashed and he got liquidated.
End of story.

Yeah, these kinds of transactions start melding personal and treasury funds and that’s no bueno. He’s farming CVX and sending revenues out to other wallets, and those profits are not coming back to WL wallet address. Not a good look indeed. I’ve never been an accounting wizard; struggling with my own damned Quickbooks, so I’m probably missing the macro of what’s happening here. But, optics matter- and it’s hard to keep track of where money is coming and going. Just like the main topic of this thread - how are we able to keep up with everyone’s fair share. I see lots of frogs complaining that Sifu get’s multi-million dollar payouts while all of the frogs are bleeding.

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sifu still farming these 690k cvx tokens in his wallet and I believe they are not included in backing price
at least we still have them

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It is bad for the project for him to stay after something which, at best, is non-optical.

People in the Defi space today had better move to non extradition jurisdictions. Criminal and civil cases will be common.

Will you please submit your topic as [RFC] with goal to get [WIP]. Thank you for your work.

There is already an RFC about treasury transparency. Please take the time to look at the forum instead of spamming this on a bunch of threads.

The RFC is posted 4 days ago. This is posted 9 days ago. Please take the time to read before you react to something.

My comment was a reply to the guy above. The RFC was based on a discussion that was posted before this post. A discussion that I already linked higher in the conversation.

You literally just proved my point…

There are 166 proposals posted per week in the general discussion. If you think all 166 are different and everyone should read all proposals before posting a GENERAL discussion proposal then that’s fine by me. However, I have a different view of how a GENERAL proposal forum should work. Not talking about RFC.

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