NFT Bond Marketplace for games

this is a pretty crazy idea. needs some common sense and brains. :brain:

Goal: provide a liquid market for exchanging NFTs on any game on the blockchain.

Scenario: I’m a game developer with X users playing to earn on my platform. What if I want to make use of the gained NFTs on such game and move them in exchange to another game? Who provided de NFT Liquidity for such swap?

Problem solving: game developers can create a much wider “metaverse” game play ecosystem allowing their users to exchange NFTs with a discount depending on their value.


  1. the owner of such NFTs can sell (providing the liquidity along the NFT) to Wonderland. If sold, get in return the token of the game that generated such NFTs. (¿?).
  2. move freely from one game to the other maintaining certain “achievement status” so that players can simply exchange NFTs openly that correspond to similar market price and game level. This helps players start on new games with an already achieved status. No need to start every time from 0.

I dont think its that crazy, what i believe is that this is an idea ahead of his time, since 1. we still dont have any games in here and i supose the first one will be the one daniele team or the team they employ does,and 2. making 2 games being able to use the same NFT without them having any correlation its not an easy task, as well that that depends on the games, not on the service of being able to pass one NFTs from 1 game to another

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@Aldarones awesome feedback!

  1. when developing products it is key to have a clear goal/mission into the future. this is how i personally envision wonderland.
  2. now is the time to set the gaming framework for all these games to co-exist so that you can pass NFTs from one game to another.

yeah, now that you say it like that it makes sense, i dont know if the DAO will move towards it just yet or move towards another road, as of now in the bearmarket there are another issues but this will have to get discussed, what i am afraid of this is being a limitation more than an asset, like, if you want to make use of our market/ecosystem you will need to be able to make use of all this NFTs in your game, and the more games the more difficult this can become, unless every game is made by the same guys or with the same ideas in mind, like, for and rpg NFT and a towerdefense NFT to have an utilitie it can be work around, for a sim simulator? a sword NFT can be a weapon or a piece to customize your home, for a cockie clicker or a story telling game… it might not be okey, or i dont see how it could be implemented, but thats why im here investing and not there creating such things xD people might be able to go around it or make it work, i believe we will be talking about this topic more, even if its not getting any atraction right now lol, this post is as important as others, let see if people come

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Could be huge, could be a total mess. I, for one, would like to see something like that exist, but like Aldarones has pointed out, not so easy to coordonate.

This is a Metaverse end goal if you ask me. Those who build this framework will either be gods or demons lol

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idea: how about the framework you use to measure the value of such NFTs as a gaming framework is the TIME you spend as a player to earn such NFTs priced in $TIME?

like and achiviement NFT system? i believe that its a really good idea, and buying and selling “achiviements” its something that it has been happening from the early stages of every MMO once people are strong enough to carry others so its not like it defeats the purpose of an achivement, in some sense it also creates an incentive to get that achivement, since a 0.1% or 0.01% achivement completion rate might be valued with a ton of money, but this is within the scope of the same game. still, i believe this is a really good idea.
it has been a while since achivements in games are simply nothing, not on steam, but triple A games dont bother with it anymore, which is bad, i believe this idea can change that, achivements would meann a lot, like in wow or ff14.

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@Aldarones love this idea of achievements. i can tell you are also a big gamer too. :wink: worked as a PM for a big gaming company and also for casual games, this can be an interesting solution.