Proposal - Offer Rage Quit Before Other Decisions Are Made

rage quit gets price to backing instantly benefiting everyone % equally, people buying lower than those buying higher do better, shock

if you buy high and the price goes down and someone buys lower of course they do better than you

if ppl with money werent buying ur token below backing past couple days it would have went to 0$, idk why you are trying to bring in the communism ideal in this

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I disagree with this. We can still offer Rage Quit for actual Frog Nation holders and exclude the whales. Price can drop does not matter the treasury is there to allow actual people who have held for a long time to Rage Quit. People who bought recently should not be allowed to RAGE Quit as they are not even down. I propose amending the proposal to exclude anyone who has bought after liquidation and never previously held the project. I also find it insulting that DCFGOD is buying only to take money from us FROGS… WE WILL UNITE AND DEFEAT THE WHALES!!! I am starting a discord channel with Daniel to bring this matter up again and he will fight for us.

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I screenshotted and am pinging BIBG to get all the wallet data and posting in official wonderland member discord to bring attention to this whale invasion and raid on our treasury. If you are a whale who bought to exploit us, and i know most of your responding have you will fail. We are united and there are 10000s of us. Many of us are down 90 pct. Prepare for battle.

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this not it chief, best of luck working out your issues

he does not have any interest in wonderland living. He bought millions in last days and wants a quick gain to take our frog treasury. Most of the commenters here supporting are the same. It is quite simple revise the proposal to exclude any of these recent buyers and let real frogs rage quit who have been holding as they actually have a loss. DCFGOD is exploiting us and his transaction history shows this. I am rallying my fellow frogs to defeat these scammer whales who will drain our money and dissapear. Better remove them and keep our treasury and generate return for long standing frogs. Rise Up FROGS!! I will talk to the community and submit a revised proposal to exclude people like DCFGOD and make it more fair after talking to the frog nation discord.

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DCF GOD is trapped? he bought yesterday and few days prior and in profit. on the last vote all the yes votes to dissolve were whales you bought and were in profit. Stop trying to BS us frogs and pretend. A new proposal is coming to actually have a RAGE QUIT for only people who are actually down and not opportunists leaching on us. I do not see why anyone here would be opposed to REMOVING recent buyers who are in profit from getting this instant gain and stealing our treasury. Proposal in the works now and getting Daniele on board. Frogs Stand Together.

@na11111 let me submit my revised proposal to exclude the recent whale buyers and provide ways of doing that fairly to protect frogs. The frog nation community is agreeing with me and would vote yes if we remove guys like DCF and others. I have identified most of the wallets and its only a handful pushing this but they have a lot of voting power but not enough to fend off us frogs.


anyone know how to get this to the next steps, there is clearly interest in it in both directions so it should be put to a vote

Frog Nation wants a new a proposal excluding recent whale buyers and I think we can get this passed easily for a true rage quit option for people who are losing due to the FUD. How do we revise this or get a new one out getting rid of recent buyers like DCF? Frog Nation discord going nuts right now seeing these guys just bought and want them OUT of all proposals.


Not a great idea to offer rage exit…you give them over a 1/3rd more $value than they have, then they just buy back again…for more than they did have…
foolish idea


If anything pay them to leave lol, J/K.

This is exactly why I’m fighting against this proposal.
It is indeed a good one. But without some kind of deadline og drawn line in the past, this will just be nothing else but a huge mistake.

So. This proposal is fine. Let’s say. Everyone who bought above backing price can rage quit. And everyone bought belov can leave at market price.

Most of those who bought above backing won’t even get their losses back.

But every single one who bought below backing will leave at the some price as they came. And most of them in a profit.

So this one with the implementation of abowe and below or before and after an old snapshot.

Everyone can go happy.

If this could be put to a vote, and the ones who bought up the last week (almost) it should count for anyone who did this.

So let’s either use a old snapshot to see who held at that time. Or let’s use bought above backing or below backing to exclude.

Fair and square. And those who are excluded from backing bechause they are only here to arbitrage, should not even be able to vote.

Plus. We should use a 1 wallet 1 vote scheme. Most democratic.

Yes, we all understand there’s risk in terms of investment. Market volatility is understandable.
However, this is not the case. Then why the long-term holders are intitled to their initial investment?

  1. The founder and development team admitted that this OHM Fork Wonderland project was an experiment failure because the original purpose of the project was mainly for fund raising. The high APY was designed as a gamification to attract investors to build the treasury not sustainable long-term.
  2. The treasury was derived from the long-term holder’s contributions (initial investment) .
  3. They are intitled to receive their initial contributions because Wonderland project no longer can fulfill its original promise but simply a gamification for falsely infeasible long-term hope.

Therefore, they are intitled to claim their initial investment and no reason to absorb the loss due to project errors.

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The true win-win rage quit option should be based on the initial purchased dated price, not a fixed buyback price, therefore the whales won’t be able to raid our treasury.

Most of the long holders who wish to exit are small investors, the total of their initial investment would be a small fraction compared to the total payout to whales with fixed buyback.

So, would you rather let whales raid our treasury with buyback or let them exit according to purchased price? No more no less!


This one could actually also work well. And be true fair to everyone. Noone counted over the other.

So Everyone in community should be able to leave on initial investment.

No matter what it’s the same for everyone. Also the ones who bought after backing. :wink: Good one.

And to make the best out of the situation, we should of course remove liquidity everywhere and use the bought back tokens to distribute to the frogs who stay.

That really make sence


@JensLyn, @Bholy777 @Andygray1963, @JKARL , @na11111, @Frogger101

Make sure to post your feedback on the RFC thread.


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