Proposal: Start Paying Dividends

People realized rebase is nonsense or just a game. Wonderland need to distribute real income when necessary to protect investor interest.
When people are optimistic about project price will be above backing but when people pulling out their investments by selling wMEMO we need to start paying dividends to holders.
The sad fact is nobody will invest a DAO if it is not able to sustain a price above backing. We have seen many DAOs lost investor interest permanently due to this fact.
My proposal is that:
When price is above backing it is completely up to team but when price is under backing Wonderland should distribute 1-3% of treasury at every rebase or with building a similar mechanism.
It is very simple proposal of course there will be many details but those should be decided by team.
This is the best way to see surges above backing price since people will think downside potential is limited they will pour money even if price is above backing.


There are already some ongoing post/discussions about revenue share such as thing one and the main proposals in RFC.

Maybe it would be a better idea to provide your feedback/suggestion on those so they can be taken into consideration and not divide the conversation.

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