Proposal: Stick the entire Treasury into Anchor Protocol or equivalent and pay out passive income each month at a ratio based on held WMEMO

This is the best path forward. Why?

  • The treasury still exists and is there to be leveraged
  • It incentivises not only holding, but buying to increase passive income %
  • WMEMO is scarce and it will increase demand for it as a passive income generator
  • We earn a monthly amount we can either look to reinvest or put to work elsewhere

The treasury balance is roughly $708m - 20% on this is roughly $142m to be paid out yearly to WMEMO holders.

Later, when the market recovers, we can then vote on making other moves in a more professional manner with the right team in place.

The question we have to ask ourselves is, ‘when we collectively have over $700m in our treasury, why would we give up instead of making that money work for us?’


This sounds interesting. I would be up for this.

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I like this proposal.

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Good proposal 2 . I agree with this one as long as we get a monthy revenue until we get our initial investment. After that other things can be done.

I agree vote this up

What’s the point? You can just liquidate the treasury and then everyone do what they want, you can put it in anchor

This is wrong. This gives whales the power again. They will make most of the profits and smaller investors will feel the brunt. It should be a fair distribution. Whales are making profits from price action like they would other coins.

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It’s free market, anyone can go out there and buy below treasury .
Right now someone is taking a risk buying below treasury and someone else prefers to get out.

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