Proposal to Ensure That All Proposals That Pass Are Implemented by Management

After seeing how Dani behaved yesterday during the vote to wind down Wonderland it is clear that we need to have a vote that ensures that ALL proposals that pass are implemented and honored by the management team. Dani did come around after the vote ended and stated that Wonderland will remain intact. Prior to that he did Tweet that he wants to see Wonderland come to an end and he even ignored the fact that the no votes were in the lead and stated that it was clear that Wonderland would be coming to an end. We need to make sure that our votes are honored and that they count. Yesterday in the Discord there were many of us who were upset that Dani was ignoring the will of the voters, which I think many of us felt was his way of trying to grab the treasury to bring over to one of his other projects.


Hey have you looked at the wonderland 2.0 proposals? It touches on the points you mentioned and describes concrete solutions for dealing with them.

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We need to get rid of Dani & company for good as soon as possible.

I support this proposal.

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