Rage Quit Whitelist

Hi there, I voted yes on the rage quit but my voting power doesn’t come close to matching the amount of wMEMO in my wallet. I’d like to make sure this is accounted for. Any help out there? Thank you

If I brought in withTime and staked it when it was $2400 and never wrapped the memo how does this rage quit help me recoup my losses

I’m trying to join the whitelist and nothing happens when you try to connect your Metamask wallet. I click connect and it never connects. Can anyone help?

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@Blockstate It should be based on what you had when the snapshot was taken on March 3rd. It’s AVAX only and if you had some in places like bentobox, those would not be counted for some reason. That’s a limitation on the Snapshot side.

@Dwrst Ragequit doesnt help you recoup your losses per say. It lets you “sell” at the backing price instead of the market price. You will have to wrap if you want to do that. No need to wrap to vote. No need to vote if you don’t want to quit.

@libra808 I would try clearing your cookies/cache from your browser and reconnect. Maybe try a different browser of that doesn’t work.

Super helpful. So I had my wMEMO on the ftm blockchain when the snapshot was taken. I bridged it back over to AVAX. Is there anyway to qualify for the backing on the whitelist even though it was on FTM?

is there any link for the rage quit whitelist. I am not able to find one

@Blockstate Unfortunately, no :confused: Snapshot does not consider other chains therefore you would not be able to whitelist unless you bridge back before March 3rd. Mod had made an annoucement in Discord before RQ started to tell people to bridge back, but that message didnt make it’s way across all of our platform.


I haven’t seen anything to get my money out. Is it still open? I wrapped on the site and invested with AVAX. I don’t have a lot of WMEMO left but I would like to retrieve it. I have been trying to follow all this but honestly am not that familiar with all these protocols and processes. I need guidance.

Gotta vote on the link in the comment above. Once the vote is over, the “portal” to redeem will open.

Hi, I’ve missed the last voting coz the link wasn’t shared on twitter like it was every other time, can you please add me to the whitelist?

Not possible, sorry.

Why not ? it’s not fair that you update wonderland twitter feed with all important data, such as voting, except this one WIP#5.2 !! I took a vote on WIP #5 with YES, so please add me to the whitelist for Rage Quit.

Smart contract is built to pull the address from the whitelist. Plus, we (moderators) don’t have any power to do this or even make this request.

If you voted in the first vote then you should have taken the time to read the proposal and see the proposed timeline. It was always said this vote would start after the other one was over. If you rely only on people telling you what to do on Twitter, I’m afraid you are NGMI.

The worse part it, the whitelist vote was almost double the time it was planned to be.

This is not waiting for other ppl to say smth, it’s about that twitter feed is/was a reliable source of information! U can’t use 5 different social networks and share important info lil bit here and lil bit there! Was trying to connect with ur discord but can’t get a connection, so was using TWITTER, where everything was shared until now!

If u are a member of a support team and can’t get me on the list, than don’t know what kind of support is that ??

Here’s the thing. The Discord is and has always been the most reliable source of information for this project. Saying that everything was shared on Twitter shows that you haven’t been following much on this project. PLUS, Twitter did provide the information to say when this vote would start.

Also, you talking about a support team is another example of you not knowing enough about this project. This project has no support team. Just a small group of volunteers. If you can’t keep up with your investments, what kind of investor are you ?

As of right now, there is no manual addition to the whitelist. You missed it, shit happens. Unless announced otherwise, those that missed the vote won’t be added.

I will be closing this post because this conversation has nothing to do with the OP. If you want to keep going, you can make your own post, maybe enough people will come it for this to change.

Good luck.