Re-open Manual Migrations

What you stand to gain is the recognition that Volta is a legitimate, reputable project with a team that can be relied on to be ethical and think long-term rather than short-term. Keep in mind that when the next bull cycle returns, Volta has the potential to increase 10x if it is truly seen as a trustworthy endeavor.

On the flip side, if migrations remain closed it will be go down as a massive question mark against the initiative and the team. Sure, you get a slight benefit in the short term, but a major loss in the long term IMO.

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One thing I’d add is probably another deadline.

Assuming we go with the increased fee I guess we would reach a point where small bags wouldn’t qualify, but after a year it would just be at 0.85 Volta. So it would take a while before everyone is cut off.

Given that someone already voted a deadline, it’s just a matter of time before someone else (or the same person) does it again. Having a deadline might satisfy that “want” and prevent another surprise deadline.

Can’t speak for the team, but the backing is the “paper value” of the token. It’s the target toward what holders expect buybacks to bring the price to (ish).

It is also what the current performance fee for the treasury team is calculated on. Whether the price is close or not, it remains an integral part of the DAO’s function.

A reasonable amount of ticket is hard to define imo. Some tickets are super easy to deal with and don’t require as much effort. Some migrators try to have fancy work around hoping we don’t catch their invalid wMEMO and are a waste of time trying to verify the information. Others have users that require a lot of support. Some just ghost for days/weeks after opening the ticket.

It’s maybe not so much the number of migration, but rather a question of priority. If migrations are a priority, other things will take a back seat no matter what. If migration is not a priority, then people have to wait X amount of time longer to get their tokens. Better than not getting anything I guess, but still subject to complaints.


Do we have a timeline on when a decision will be made regarding a vote and whether to re-open migration?

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Will need a formal proposal to be drafted first. The team doesn’t decide whether to open a vote or not. Will need someone with 1% of circulating supply to post the Snapshot vote.

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Now needs a formal proposal to be written and it needs to be posted to by someone with a the required amount of Volta tokens (approx 3000).


Add me to the list of people that were totally unaware of any switch to volta or migration that missed the short migration window. I certainly hope that our former Wonderland partners that did make the switch will decide that establishing a new and longer migration window is the right thing to do.


Please reopen. Thanks.


I is only fair to reopen. Many investors didn’t know about the migration.


I would gladly pay a migration fee if manual transfers are re-opened.


Please reopen migration for anyone and everyone that missed it!


Please reopen manual migration please. I’m also a long time wmemo invester and was unaware of the change to Volta. Would welcome becoming a part of the new community.


Reopen the migration. Many individuals viewed the project as a substantial long-term investment and maintained Time/Wmemo holdings without regular check. It would be unfair to abandon these people with losses, given that their investments constituted a portion of the treasury, and ensuring the security of funds is a crucial indicator of the project’s reliability. Failure to address this issue could lead to a complete loss of trust in the project. However, to differentiate long-term holders, consider permitting manual migration for those who held Time/Wmemo prior to the VOLTA transition announcement.


My baby was born shortly before the switch to Volta Club, so I unfortunately missed it. Now all my funds are lost - which makes me very sad and disappointed. I would be very happy if you can reopen the migration again so I can be part of the community again and get (parts of) my funds back. Thanks!


I think as this cycle progresses there will be more people getting back into crypto in general and checking their ‘holdings’. I’ve seen predictions that the next ‘peak’ is around late 2025/early 2026. If a deadline helps this cause then I propose mid-2025 (though I don’t think it’s required).

Categorize tickets:

  1. Easy - process
  2. Difficult - anything beyond certain duration (of live support) add additional fee (0.05 Volta)
  3. Attempt to cheat - penalty of x Volta or loss of migration.
    (Warning re: this to be placed on ticket system and on banner.)
  4. Ghosters - possible penalty (0.05) for each incidence (clear warning of this on ticket AND what details to have ready)
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Please reopen the migration!


Hi, please reopen migrations.
Ok with the fee :slight_smile:


Hey Team and Everyone in the Community,

We need to talk about what’s going on with our migration strategy. I’ve been digging into the numbers and, honestly, what I’m seeing is not sitting right with me.

Here’s the Deal: A lot of us, and I mean a big chunk of our community, are getting the short end of the stick because of decisions made by just a few. I was checking out the AVAX chain and saw something that blew my mind – about 70-80% of people haven’t switched over.
Look at this one wallet, for example (#15,000 top holder that i looked at last night): Check this transaction on SnowTrace
tx: 0x4233bafecb92b27317a8ffc1a22a573af386aed7e53abba8733de7a0ef2b5df1

This person had to let go of their investment for just $3 when it used to be worth over $400. That’s just not right.

So, What Can We Do?

  1. Let’s Add a Small Fee or Tax: This could help balance things out during the transition, it was proposed already
  2. Mix and Match Proposals: Maybe we can take the best parts of different ideas to make something that works better for everyone.
  3. Think Long-Term: We’re all here for the long haul, right? Let’s make decisions that will pay off down the line.

I’m Calling on All of You:

  • Let’s Talk More: We need to get everyone’s thoughts on this. Different viewpoints are key.
  • Reevaluate ASAP: The team needs to take a second look at our strategy with all this new info.
  • Be Open and Own Up: We need to be clear about what’s happening and fix things if we’ve messed up.

In short, we’ve got to pull together and fix this. It’s about keeping our community strong and making sure we’re all moving forward, together.


I appreciate your opinions and call for more discussion and ideas. However, just to be clear, this is not a team decision to make. The people you need to convince are the current VOLTA holders, not the team.

In order for something to change, there needs to be 3 things:

  • A formal proposal drafted
  • Finding a sponsor to post the Snapshot vote
  • Vote passing in favor of the proposal

please re open migration. It should of been done automatically or with larger time frame.
to be a trusty correct project volta needs to step up and allow all wonderland participants


How can this proposal find a sponsor (to post the Snapshot vote) if it is not possible to communicate with people (current VOLTA holders) that have the capacity to be said sponsor?
It seems those that missed migrations are in separate channels on discord than what Volta holders may be inclined to be active in (if they even are active in any).
Can you suggest a solution to this predicament?