Re-open Manual Migrations

As the current situation stands, no more migrations will be done until a proposal passes to reopen it in some way.

I am on the same boat as many, it looks to me that on this discussion there are mostly “victims” of not paying attention, being sick, having daughters with surgery, etc.
how could we vote for a proposal if we have no VOLTA since we lost the boat?

look at what others are doing, larger migration window, seems fair to me to mimic what others are doing:

$BSGG token will be insulated from the issues that happened on the Multichain bridge, and ensure the $BSGG token will remain as the centerpiece of our ecosystem. Our tokenomics will remain the same. Each $BSGG you transfer will be returned to you at a 1:1 ratio.

Migration Begins: The migration process will begin on January 15th 2024, 8:00 am GMT.

Migration Ends: Migration will remain open until April 15th 2024, 8:00 am GMT.

BSGG Migration
Jan 15 to April 15
91 days

VOLTA Migration
Aug 28 to Dec 31
125 days

We indeed have a longer migration period than the example you’ve given.

All right, I guess it goes down to current token holders to make it right for us who missed the migration window.

You are correct. Current (Volta) token holders are the only ones that can do anything that changes the situation for those that missed migration.
However they have been convinced that it is not in their interests to do so as it would reduce the value of their holding.
Interesting how this project works in complete contrast to the rest of crypto (actually any investment vehicle). Typically, when more people want something the value it commands goes higher.

You’re assuming people want VOLTA, when what they actually want is for their wMEMO to not become worthless.

We (the ones who missed the migration window) are already holding a bunch of worthless wMEMO.

Among our many faults our certain fault was that life happened to us in that particular moment in time (the migration window) and we could not pay enough attention to what was going on with the protocol and relative governance.

We are hubling asking, or begging if you prefer, for some fair current protocol stakeholders take pity of us and give us another chance so that we could all have an overall happy community of past, present and future participants.

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I think you misunderstand. Or I do. It is not a matter of current protocol stakeholders taking pity … from what I understand the decision is made by the DAO so the stakeholders just have to go by that decision.
Pretty sure that’s how it goes …

I might be wrong: tought DAO = stakeholders. I could rephrase… wondering if DAO wants a disgrunted community or not…