Remove SIFU aka OMAR DHAHANI as treasury manager and return all funds to treasury immediately

Honestly the only thing I have to blame on Sifu as a treasurer is to not run buybacks in a more competent manner. IMHO for everything else he was doing a great job, also I don’t care about his past, rug pulls can be made from people with a clean track record as well. What matters is that he showed skin in the game and conviction in the project by leveraging wMEMO and getting liquidated twice. So for me we should keep him as a treasurer.

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Sifu has straight up busted his ass every day giving AMAs helping large waves of people on discord and has been pretty open about most plans for this project, I think he should stay, hes made it pretty clear and has shown on multiple occasions that this project is his baby, I say keep him we all aped into a degen crypto lets have it be run by a true degen


we are fudding our own bags

can we just kick off sifu and go back to business


Would’ve been wise to keep him doxxed with us.
If price was at 10k right now you bet everyone would be preaching 2nd chances

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Important to read this:
Daniele never asks to DM



“My statement on Recent Developmens at Wonderland”

Comment on FULL FINANCIAL AND CODE AUDIT - To make sure that Tokens can’t be transferred out without multi-sign wallet. eg: When minting, we know that tokens are generated to Minter and Treasury, but are there tokens generated that goes to UNKNOWN WALLETS ??? We know that

I appreciated Sifu for his communication on the discord and I found that he managed the treasury well. However, being myself a victim of theft before, I cannot help but think of the victims and the future of Wonderland.

How is it still possible for Sifu to funnel out funds?

I still think Daniele can turn this around and save his work as he sees what damage is Sifu causing. Simply come out bold and remove him and regain trust in your project, Daniele! HODL!

How you can say without enough information!! Do you will give your money to someone knowing that this person stole millions $ before,changed 3 times his identity…… I don’t talk about jail time because good people can go to jail!! And if Daniele still have Omar aka Sifu next to him it will ruin his credibility,his business……

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Well. When everything was going well most people was admiring their work. I suggest we judge Sifu based on his work for the Wonderland community not on his past.

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I highly recommend everyone contacts their local FBI field office to report him, most of the time Financial criminals are banned from certain activities.

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Perhaps the Protocol minted tokens for “unknown” wallet addresses during the Minting process…
Dont need multi sig private keys for that

As people say : History repeats itself. - it’s not like he did one thing wrong and seeked forgiveness or punished for his crimes…

Check out his past… they are multiple instances of shady stuff … not like one thing and then turned it around and became almost jesus


No, if the price of TIME was $10k now I would sell like a MOFO when I found out that the treasury was being managed by an anon career criminal fraudster.

The price is going to bounce up from here without the need to bail out leverage retards or buy back.

“can we finally get an answer on what happened to the 170 mil that disappeared from wmemo backing treasury over the last 50ish hours?”

If this is a real problem it needs to be cleared up. Wonderland free of questions of dishonesty is a great project.


Sifu is fked. I wonder if the guy already went into hiding, to escape lawfare, criminal investigation, and killer frogs.

see you all on netflix

We need full answers and 100% transparent…

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