Revenue Sharing Model

Dear Frogs,

I am writing this as part of the community thinks is the right step forward and I full-heartedly believe in a revenue-sharing model.

This would involve a few step plan:

  1. Stop the rebase model.

  2. Change to a revenue-sharing model

  3. Change tokenomics to be suitable and not to have a 180.

  4. Solutions to potential problems with immediate change.

  5. Profit.

  6. Stop the rebase model:

First of all, it has become pretty apparent that rebasing doesn’t help long-term. It’s a cool concept, but as seen in our project and Olympus, it reaches a point where it stops making anyone money but instead starts losing money or breaking even. It has served its purpose of generating a massive treasury, and now it’s $Time to use it.

  1. Change to a revenue-sharing model.

Rather than look at the theory, let us look at practice. If the $700 MM treasury generates $1 MM a day, that’s $365MM a year. And it can only grow with assets inside like AVAX growing in value, SPAC investments, Farms, and many others. The current system of our money-making money works and can only be improved, so it’s a question of how we give it back. The method of distribution, of course, will have to be discussed, and even if we make $1 MM a day, we probably can’t give it back. So some system has to be made where each week/ month/ quarter an X % of the profit made so far gets distributed back to wMEMO holders. My thinking is we split 50% of the profit and give back, and the rest goes back into the treasury to keep reinvesting.

Yes, this might generate 30% APY for you; however, that’s still amazing as it can only grow as your holdings also rise in value. We have a MC of half a billion (Taken from what the discord bot says). Since we don’t print money, it’s more likely to grow. If we reach $10B, that’s 20x from now.

In monkey terms - fewer bananas = banana cost more = monkey happy = monkey no macdonalds job.

  1. Change tokenomics to be suitable and not to have a 180.

As the current tokenomics are built upon rebasing, we currently have Time, MEMO, and wMEMO.

We don’t have to remove them. We can use the model, but you get your memo when the revenue is shared instead of a rebase. As the treasury uses different assets to generate money, those assets can be converted into Time on the market, increasing their value, and holders get memo. Sound similar? We can even take it a step further. wMEMOs formula stays the same; its value increases, allowing for fewer taxable events.

Additionally, tokens can start to burn to make Wonderland a deflationary project with no more minting with the profit.

  1. Solutions to potential problems with immediate change.

Most people APED in for the sweet rebase, so the first expected problem is a massive sellout. Although it’s not guaranteed that most of the community will support this decision, it might inspire confidence, and the price goes up. If the price goes down, a part of the treasury can be used to buy back more wMEMO as the token is deflationary.

People still ask if they should wrap their MEMO. It is vital to communicate this transition through AMAs, more community support in the discord, and people can understand what’s happening and their profit isn’t going down but rather UP.

The current wMEMO in the treasury should either be burned or sold as it has been until recently. The more capital we get in a shorter time, the higher our APY can be, so I believe in selling it all. Remember, we no longer create new tokens.

Definitely do not hire a convicted felon to manage the treasury.

Marketing would be good. Bring new investors and new capital. We also make money from each transaction, so the higher the volume, the more profit.

  1. Profit

Yes. Money can go up from a 90% drop. :*(


Hey have you looked at the wonderland 2.0 proposals? It touches on all the points you mentioned and describes concrete solutions for dealing with them.

Yes I agree with “clean house first and bring in new team without Dani involvement. Then we can talk about rebuilding”

We need to get rid of Dani & company ASAP as it is already too late.

Having a look at it, it does look promising. The one thing I don’t support in Wonderland 2.0 is people being able to redeem their tokens.

The REBASE model proven AMAZING during a bullrun. I believe it shouldn’t be removed since that’s the first reason this project exists.

I believe it should be used DYNAMICALLY ( e.g during bullruns ) in order to grow the project ( with a proven concept ).

The market is dynamic, so should Wonderland be.

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