Rewarding long term holders!

As you may, or may not know dilution has been a great problem for Wonderland, thankfully this has stopped with the stopping of bonding.
However some people do not know that the longer you have been in the protocol the more you have been diluted and APY does not compensate for this…
therefore going forward i suggest that airdrops should be proportionally distributed depending on the amount of Wmemo owned and also the duration that it was held!!


Please take the time to search existing post and contribute to those before creating a new post. This way we can concentrate our efforts in one place.

For example. this one was posted less than 24h ago:

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mine is very different, he talks about rewarding for buy at all time highs, im taking about rewarding only for the lenth of time you held while dilution was taking place

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Buying at ATH was just an example. The idea is the same, although that one was more aimed towards the wMEMO buybacks.

That beings if you believe your idea really is different, I would suggest providing more details on the how you think this should be done.

Here are a few more that mentions this idea:


All that is happening with these extra posts about airdropping long-term holders is that forum engagement is getting split rather than focussed, which will cause the idea to lose traction.

The most efficient way would be to discuss it as a possible option in the burn thread, as has been happening for a few days: [RFC] - Proposal to burn wMemo Tokens

Failing that, a dedicated thread has been opened as mentioned by NalXes.


Long Term Holders covered here Reward Diamond Hands with wMEMO Airdrop - #11 by adamg6284

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