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[RFC] - new management and exit strategy for Daniele

Navigating the storm while creating long-term value for everyone.

“[DAO Discussion] Throwing my hat in the ring”

Create a new future for Wonderland, stable holdings, and long-term predictable gains.


First off thank you for taking the time to read this. We appreciate the opportunity to possibly make a wonderland that we can all be proud of. Thank you to @etherart for joining the movement

With the recent news from Daniele, we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off and then we found a solution. Since the community is apparently “too toxic” and Daniele wants to leave the project, we propose that he start a wonderland fork that follows the terms of the fork with Olympus. We propose that the project be named “wonderground”. Wonderground will be a completely separate platform with separate voting and neither project would have governance over the other. It gives Daniele the opportunity to restart and gives those that choose to stay with wonderland the opportunity to benefit from his new project without investing in it directly. If he does well, wonderland wins, if he doesn’t wonderland still wins.

As potential managers of the largest project in the space, we believe that the support of our holders to be vital to the success of the project, so everything listed in this document will be subject to voting, but we as the new managers will serve as a tie-breaker. Additionally, we will work to restructure voting protocols to be based on the number of wallets with a minimum amount of memo/wmemo. We will perform snapshots randomly before announcing any votes to ensure a layer of security and would like to work on creating a bot that can comb through the chain to identify voter fraud. We believe that everyone deserves a vote, but we also believe that bad actors exist.
We believe the future is to begin a revenue share model as soon as possible. As we all know, rebasing was a great psychological high, but it ultimately did nothing of value for the holders. Additionally, we are considering the concept of burning the wmemo/memo that is sold off in the next week to increase the value of our supporter’s holdings, subject to voting. We believe that wonderland needs to be invested in both tangible assets and defi/crypto projects to provide stability to the value of the treasury and stable returns.

Our investment thesis is to take a position in the following asset types:

  1. Purchase of hosted cryptocurrency miners that support multiple algorithms and generate sizeable daily revenues for the treasury. Once mined, the coins would either be staked to generate stable returns or would be distributed to the treasury through the revenue share model.
  2. Purchase of minority positions in mineral rights across the world(oil, water, natural gas, helium, metals) and agricultural land that will be dedicated to conservation, which will both appreciate with inflation and may generate income(think about Yellowstone, that is a real program).
  3. Make investments in other DEFI projects, we have noticed that a lot of you believe in the expertise of other teams and their projects. We looked into it and believe that we could see sizable returns from investing in multiple other projects, while also “whaling” their treasuries. Ultimately, the other DEFI projects are our competitors, if we can control them we will continue to be successful long term.
  4. Continue what has been working, a lot of the investments and assets held by the treasury have performed very well. With that in mind, we believe it will be wise to continue with the winners and conduct a vote to see what we do not like.

From a management perspective, we plan to have a weekly update that will be scheduled to discuss what is going well and to summarize what is not. We plan to send out a treasury summary on a weekly (possibly daily) routine to inform everyone of what we are holding and what is going well. By holding tangible assets that appreciate we can provide stability to the value of the treasury while earning income from those assets while reducing the impact of market fluctuations in our intangible holdings. As a hypothetical, Imagine if the treasury held $300 million in tangible assets, we could sell them if needed and we would have a real floor price, which would encourage buying activity if the value of the memo went below the value of the tangible assets, while avoiding the need for buybacks.
There is much to achieve over the coming days, but we hope that you all will support our mission to build a better, stronger Wonderland. Additionally, we plan to hire 2 to 3 holder relations staff to communicate and interface with the community 24/7.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or opinions. Even if you disagree with us, we want to know why so that we can consider everything.

About me: I am currently an executive in clean energy tech, a consultant to private equity (wall street) and was in the running for the BofA investor call. I have personally advised 25B USD in funds and my clients have invested over $125 million at a single time into my recommendations. Also, I am leading a pivot into energy monetization through POW chain

Hello, (Alexander?). I definitely like your investment proposals. There are questions about your competencies and personality.

  1. Could you attach links (twitter, linkedin and any evidence of your activities).
  2. Why are you interested in working with our DAO? What are your ambitions?
  3. Do you have vision/financial goals for the year ahead?
  4. Do you personally know any of the leaders/devs of Wonderland?
  5. What do you think about the situation with Sifu?
  6. Were you (are you now) a wMEMO holder?

we simply need more than 5 days to reach consensus on the model for this DAO going forward.

this needs to be put into RFC and put to vote

After all the stuff you said in the #proposal-discussion channel on Discord about how this project is dead, this is a fraud, mods better lawyer up for hiding the truth, etc, etc…

There’s no way I’m voting to hand over that much money to you guys.



I said those things because I believe that the leadership of this project should actively be communicating the real hard facts not selling hope to the users who still believe. The mods purposely were hiding facts from the community to keep things from becoming more unstable. It is deceptive that everyone is hoping to keep the project going, but that the devs and mod team are purposely concealing information and hosting voting events that will have no real impact on the future of wonderland. I believe in accountability in business, but believe that people should be brave enough to do the right thing. I am incredibly disappointed in the mods actions and decision, but was recommending they seek legal council in case something goes wrong. The project is not dead, but it is a dao by definition. A dao fails if it is controlled by a single entity not the owners of said DAO. I would appreciate the opportunity to chat with you and see if we can find common ground. For example, I am banned from the discord apparently.



I believe that we are in the RFC already, I plan to extend that 5 days into 14 days immediately if we win. I believe in RAM(responsible Asset Management), there is no way to do that in 5 days. We must audit and evaluate everything on the books.

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Wanted to say that I am sorry to have upset you, but some things just don’t add up in the wallets. I am unsure if you have looked into it, but BSGG is claimed to be worth about 80 million right now or a little more than 10% of the treasuries value. The value of the treasury is reported in real-time implying that the treasury has a total present value equivalent to that number. Unfortunately, BSGG had a trading volume of 20,000 USD yesterday, there simply is not enough buyer to claim that the asset is worth 80 million dollars. There is no way to sell it and it represents +/- 10% of the treasury value, it is incorrect and misleads people immediately into their assumption of the current value of their holdings. I would be more than happy to elaborate on my analysis if you have questions.


Hello, I got by JT, I use ADumont since it is one of my ancestors names - he did great things very proud of it.

  1. We would be more than happy to share links, unfortunately, we have received quit a bit of threating messages so to preserve our other entities, we have to wait until the RFC passes, but will dox prior to the vote going through(even though my wife hates the idea and honestly will probably kick my ass). Most of my significant activities were in finance and energy, which are all subject to an NDA aka my clients would sue me into oblivion.
  2. I am heavily involved in the POW currencies and have experience in mining. I was working on my own DAO with the same investment thesis and the proposal and believe it will succeed. I saw the posts of the hundreds of people losing their life savings, concerned about their next meal, and worried about how they will recover. Frankly, I felt called to try to make a difference for them. some lost money, some lost all. I want to create stable long term value for those that lost everything and really change the worlds view on what a DAO can be. I want to start a full revenue share system, develop professional management teams, and create clear communications with holders. I believe that a project this large requires almost full transparency and professionalism at the highest level.
  3. I want to begin the revenue share option as soon as possible, I would like to open a voluntary buyback of wmemo for those that disagree with my proposal and burn the wmemo that is purchased to deflate the amount of memo in circulation. Additionally, I plan to begin acquiring real tangible goods to stabilize the value of the treasury. Ideally, I would like to enable the ability for holders to purchase tokens that allowed them to choose which asset classes they were invested in within the ecosystem, but that is a long-term goal. If my projections are correct, we could begin mining operations within 90 days, which would generate between 200 and 700 million in value per year. The machines are tangible assets with current value and the coins mined could be used for staking. if btc surges then we would be back to the pre-sifu days within months and everyone would see their investment recover. I believe some of the holdings are great, but some like “sifucoin”, yes we own that too, are not appropriate for the project.
  4. I do not know any of the founders or devs personally and honestly given their action or inaction it is difficult to have the desire to. I think Daniele is a technical genius, but I also believe his business acumen leaves something to be desired.
  5. My opinion does not matter given that the harm was already done, but I feel that it reveals how seriously Daniele takes his obligation to frog Nation. a partnership in business is like a marriage but without the fun. I believe that Daniele had and has an obligation to himself and the project to conduct due diligence on his partners, the sums of money are just too large. I believe that he was either aware of sifu’s background from day 1 or he was irresponsible and ignorant of his duty to protect his supporters. in my opinion something this large requires professionalism and procedures that cannot be broken, he didn’t even conduct due diligence on Sifu in the beginning.
  6. I was a memo holder but had a great position and sold for a 60% profit earlier this year. I left some holdings in the treasury and unfortunately lost about $20,000. I took a small hit, but still am green like a healthy frog should be.

Thank you for reading this and for your support. I appreciate the opportunity.

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My question to you is, Why not start a new community yourself? I get its easier when the infrastructure is in place but think you and you’re team would be far more successful starting a fresh with new untainted money coming in.
The more research I do and the more wallets I look at the more I realise that the big whales are most likely linked to Dani/Sifu and as a result of that we’d always be battling against market manipulation even if we eradicate inside trading. I also have concerns about the coding etc, how can we know for sure that there isn’t a backdoor into the treasury. There is too much at risk and too many bad actors that have tarnished all this stands for.

I genuinely think someone like yourself doxxed could start this concept again without the unsustainable apy and without the shady behind the scenes politics. There’s too many great minds wasted on here.

:slight_smile: already on it friend if you see cosmonaut it is me

:+1: will keep an eye out.

  1. we need to get rid of Daniele & co.

so are you actually spamming my RFC with another RFC? do you have a question?

Why would a defi project get involved with real world investments right now. That opens us up to legal attack vectors by crypto-hostile nation states.

Wouldn’t it just be preferable to use a dashboard? As is currently the case? Live summary with access to the raw data would be preferable. Also how does this address the fundamental governance issues? It’s just transferring Dani and team managing to someone else managing. That’s not defi, that’s just a normal investment company. Are you going to dox yourself? Cause right now I trust your credentials about as much as I trust Sifu with my seed phrase.

So there actually are platforms doing it, we would create an individual platform that was kyc compliant and met legal criteria, I’m not sure what attack vectors you are referring to, but as long as there is proper legal infrastructure and compliance we would be fine.

The dashboard is good, but we audited the values and found that it was inaccurate at times and the lack of context was confusing to most. We plan to set up both versions to understand the data to everyone. If you read the above posts you would see our plans with regards to doxxing.

lol we all got banned from the wonderland discord so I guess we are being banned. but anyway, we decided to launch our project. its here [here]

I read your proposal and the 1st comment after it and your reply.
In your reply to that comment, I stop reading at point 1
so you want to “take over” this project but you only want to say who you are after you get it?
(at least that’s my understanding of it).
Sorry but I don’t think that makes any sense, especially after all that Sifu situation.
We should learn from our previous mistakes and not repeat them.

PS: we don’t need to know that your wife is the boss at home :stuck_out_tongue:

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Closing this RFC based on the fact that OP is now banned in Discord and is now self promoting his project in this RFC.

Archived by OP’s request.