[RFC] - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager

[RFC] - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager


[RFC] - Appoint Wonderland’s New Treasury Manager ( TM )


This Request For Comments (RFC) will provide a list of the TM applications that are moving forward for the community’s review.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]:

“[DAO Discussion] Call Letter - Wonderland Treasury Manager”


Give the opportunity for the applicants to provide more details on why they should be appointed as TM and how they can help Wonderland reach its potential. This will also give the DAO the opportunity to decide if they want to move forward with the candidates or not.

We encourage the applicants to engage with the community members as much as possible to address any concerns they may have.

Provide a High Level Overview:

Each application will be linked below. The informal poll may be use to indicate early preference.

If you do not believe any of the applicants to have what it takes, please make sure to voice your opinion.

Provide Low Level Details:


From: 0xSolo:
I would like to formally withdraw my application for TM of WL.

The proposal by YieldChad I feel is superior and it would be both irresponsible and hypocritical to continue when I would ultimately be voting for them myself.

Thank you all for your feedback up to this stage. YieldChad I wish you all the best with your term(s) I look forward to seeing your ideas come to fruition. Thank you all.


Who would you like to see appointed as TM ?**

  • yieldchad
  • 0xSolo
  • z0li
  • Someone else
0 voters

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

One the community has received enough time to review the applications, a Wonderland Improvement Proposal (WIP) and Snapshot vote will be posted, as per the governance process, with the candidates moving forward*.

*Note that no candidates will be stopped from moving forward unless they decide to withdraw their application or credible information is received that the applicant has malicious intentions.



NAL, when WIP yo?


Gonna give it some time, make sure people get to ask questions… Don’t wanna hand someone the keys too quick.

Could be a martial art freak :man_shrugging:

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Can we make a snapshot voting that is more than a two decision choice?


Were is Skyhopper?? he is not nominating for TM?

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He doesn’t want to run again.

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While these proposals are great - these folks need to be doxxed prior to any vote. Anyone can write what they believe we want to hear. For all we know they have great ideas but lack any real-world experience. Since we are using our time to vote we should also use our time to find out who is managing our funds.


As far as I know, yes. Would be the goal here :+1:

Get back Sifu. I’ve always wanted him to come back as a TM in wonderland.

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He won’t come back in that capacity, at least for now. Plus he’s got SIFU! If you like Sifu, go with SifuVision! Really!

Nal, I suggest we immediately move this to WIP in 3 hours time (13:30 Hours UCT)

well was hoping to see Sifu on this list but alas…

Yieldchad shows good expertise and a clear path to increase wMemo value.

zOli is right, but seems to have the intention to build a company with our funds, and then what? The proposal of this new company is not clear, just words saying that the project should evolve.

If I have to choose now, I stand with Yieldchad, but both should be doxxed before voting.

Same as the goal with crypto investing: to make money. Then when we made enough money, distribute it to the owners (dividends).
Did you read the other topic? I didn’t want to repeat myself in the application, maybe you can find answers for your questions there.

RFC has been approved for WIP: