[RFC] Bastion Detailed Proposal For Treasury Management

There should be an interview process and any group that wants to lead the treasury needs to campaign and earn the community’s vote.

Guys let’s move on. WE need someone to manage our treasury at least temporarily.

Yes, the endless discussions just points out non working DAO decision-making-processes on schedule (5 days).

Fellow members, we have options to appoint a outsourced or an inhouse treasury management team. Please ensure the following

  1. The team should not be anonymous, the people should be distinguished professional public people of very high repute and background.
  2. There should be a committee of at least 4-5 investment managers and they should take decisions collectively and transparently.
  3. There should not be any conflict of interest.
  4. The fee should be very minimal, if any.
  5. The communication with the dao should be clear and transparent.

Ideally all this should happen as soon as possible.

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No matter what who ever we appoint can not be anonymous.

@nikiilauren @danielesesta

The Professor

=Bastion trading(*2)

(*1)WL2.0: a step back towards Olympus.
(*2)Bastion trading: can’t be trusted.



I really think this proposal is a good starting point for WL 2.0. With an eventual multibillion dollar treasury every risk level investment portfolios will need its own management team. The first place we need to start at is maximizing our return on our low and medium risk investments. I’m all in for this proposal.

just hire them now and get on with this shit. and people saying that these guys dont know what they are doing… one of them has been vice president of morgen stanley and another one has been managing entire divisions at UBS and jp morgan chase. this 700mil treasury is extremely tiny peanuts for them.

These returns have been audited by a big 8 accounting firm.

and where can we find these results? What was your drawdown?

Wonderland has no future as long as daniele and his undoxxed team is part of it. Simple as that.

Thats why i will never vote for somone he is pushing.

Professor’s proposal is better

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I believe these guys could do great things for wonderland. TIME is of the essence so everyone can get what was promised. United and Strong!

It is better however we don’t know who he is. Can we bring bastion on board and follow the professors plan?


I would rather have Harry Yeh as TM then a group of crypto traders. We can make a Trading Team and have them on that but not treasury manager.


don’t be offended by what I’m about to write…
why do we want traders looking after a treasury?


I will vote for this we need firm assurance that the APY and rebases would be keept as long as possible while they’re implementing a burning mechanism to keep this sustainable.
I will agree with assets lock up and yes they speak crypto we’re here for the money :money_with_wings::moneybag: I’m not here for fuckin chat shit educational talk from a Hedge fund shitty professor I’m here for the Crypto and where’s money :money_with_wings::moneybag: can be always more hard working serious people are always welcome.
We killed Two rabbits we will have professionals to look after us, guys that speaks crypto and are capable to handle this mess .
We need this making happening I’m actually very positive about this.

The Bastion proposal above is independent of the Professor/Wonderland 2.0 proposal.
This is just to vote on the Treasurer/CFO. Nothing else.

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Not sure if you know this, but Sifu was also a trader which generated revenue for the DAO. AVAX, CVX, FTM. He was quite active.

They would be an interim manager for now and in their proposal say we would need to get someone more suitable for any future defi M&A since that’s not their wheelhouse. And this doesn’t mean we can’t bring on other types of investors in the future.

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Professors’ proposal has absolutely nothing to do with treasury management… :man_facepalming:

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In any well run organization there is accountability of responsible persons / officials. This is achieved by;

  1. Skin in the game to incentivize positive behavior
  2. Negative consequences for poor performers / bad actors

Any new proposal must address these points.

First of all, I would rather hire professor and go with his proposal. Please take note that Bastion clearly mentioned that there will be (many, many) times where conflict of interest will happen when they (Bastion) come across opportunities and dont know whether they will keep these opportunities to themselves, or bring them up to wonderland. These cannot happen my men. Whoever we appoint SHOULD NOT HESITATE at all to bring ALL OPPORTUNITIES to wonderland FIRST.

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