[RFC] - Defining Risk Officer and appointing Sifu as interim

[RFC] - Defining Risk Officer and appointing Sifu as interim

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[RFC] - Defining Risk Officer and appointing Sifu as interim


This proposal formally defines and introduces a new role called Risk Officer (RO). The rest of the modifications proposed in the DAO Discussion will be made through a separate

RFC to better define the other roles and properly amend WIP 15 as required.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]:

[DAO Discussion] - Defining Treasury Council, TOs and Risk Officer


The main goal of this proposal is to improve the current treasury deployment process defined in WIP 15 by adding a Risk Officer to limit the DAO’s risk in all proposed fund allocations.

High Level Overview:

Deploying a treasury the size of Wonderland’s doesn’t come without risks. It is proposed to implement a Risk Officer position to ensure that Wonderland is not too heavily exposed to a particular protocol, directional, smart contract risk, or poorly vetted deal.

Low Level Details:

Risk Officer

This proposal introduces the role of Risk Officer to do due diligence on investments, directional exposure, and deployment of DAO funds into DeFi protocols.

This role requires a deep knowledge of DeFi. They are required to evaluate the risks of deployment into farms on a host of possible protocols, vet sourced deals, and other strategies. They should also be wary of Wonderland having too much exposure to any particular protocol or directional position.

All passed proposals from the Treasury Council are forwarded to this role for evaluation. After evaluating the strategy, the Risk Officer may submit the proposal to the multisig for execution, provide suggestions to reduce risk to what they deem acceptable (e.g. reduce sizing) and have the Treasury Council revote or veto and reject the idea if the risk is not deemed manageable.

The Risk Officer is not responsible for quality or profitability of investments or strategies nor provide advice on, but is in place to ensure safety and reduce risks for holders.

Any applicant for the Risk Officer position should be invested into Wonderland and have a sizable portfolio (minimum 5 wMEMO), to limit bribes and ensure interests are aligned with the protocol. The Risk Officer should able to prove they have a deep knowledge of DeFi and be doxxed, or be a well known anon personality. The Risk Officer does not vote, nor participate in development of strategies.

Removal of the Risk Officer

The removal of a Risk Officer can be done through a regular DAO proposal or through the same process established in WIP 15 for Treasury Operators, if it is believed the Risk Officer is acting against the best interest of the protocol (e.g. RO not doing their job or abusing their authority).

  • A majority vote from within the group of all treasury operators and elected moderation team is required to initiate such a vote.
  • The individual will have a minimum of 7 days to provide an argument for maintaining their position.
  • A Snapshot Vote lasting 72 hours will settle the decision.

Treasury Operators may not propose new strategies while there is no Risk Officer appointed. Managing current investments/strategies, farms, sales and DAO led investments can continue to be managed.


This is a high skill requirement role, but it should not be time consuming. Therefore a good salary, but not exorbitant is suggested: 20k per quarter paid in a reasonably pegged (>99.8%) stablecoin the treasury has available.

Business and/or technical requirements:

To help with the current transition and ensure the Risk Officer Position is implemented and filled as soon as possible, it is proposed that Sifu is appointed as interim Risk Officer, without compensation, until a formal proposal to establish proper candidates is completed.

Elected Treasury Operators and other members of the Treasury Council will have to work with the Risk Officer to put in place a way to communicate efficiently.

The Risk Officer will also ensure that communication with the multisig is efficient.


Needed position, can‘t imagine a better person to keep our risk as low as possible and funds safu :heart:


I can’t think of a better person for this position than Sifu :panda_face:


Voted, much needed position.


What else can we get him to do for free? :slight_smile:


12 votes consists of a functional Dao… How did this not try to get more traction before being finalized. Not a good feeling about Danny leaving


Excellent, and really appreciate the fact that Sifu would even consider it.


Not sure what you are referring to. What 12 votes ? If you mean the poll, this was just posted…

Also, this is not finalized in any way. This is the request for comment stage where it’s being announced to the community to gather feedback and address concerns/issues in what is being proposed before moving forward with a final version to be voted on by the DAO members.


To keep funds safu this role is much needed, let’s get this proposal to snapshot asap and make Wonderland grape again!


A very much needed change and a rightful choice for that position.
Count me in to vote YES when it finally reaches voting stage.


I‘d love to hear the „make no changes“ voters explanation as to why they don‘t want somebody checking that the TO‘s proposals aren‘t a risk to holders funds, some sort of rug or security issues :thinking:


This is an informal poll meant to gauge community sentiment and at the time of your comment had only been posted for 1 hour. The final poll is always done via snapshot to give all holders adequate time to vote with their Time holdings. This is an RFC so still needs to be discussed further before reaching a finalized WIP version.


Hell yes. Need risk officer asap!


Topic has been approved for WIP: