Visited the wonderland website to check my MEMO & Time staked -can't find it!

Hi, the last time I checked my staked balance was in mid July but now I can’t see it. How do I find it? It appears that the stake page has been removed from your website. This is a snapshot of my Metamask holding…I know it’s a very small amount but I have had it staked since last November and I’d like to know what i should do to keep it invested. Reagrds, Rebecca


You need to click on the “wrap” button.
Once there, you can click on the MEMO to wMEMO tab (top left).

Make sure to wrap and after that’s done, go to the farm page and stake your wMEMO there to participate in revenue share. :slight_smile:

Remember, wrapping and staking are two transactions. One to approve and then one to do the action.

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I have lost my time tokens please help. on my page I don’t have the any balance in wmemo

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