[Whales Protection] Withdrawal tax

In order to avoid the whaling attack we have had with either the buy back strategy or the recent liquidation vote, we would beneficiate from a withdraw tax system. Rather than gracefully exiting the whales and paper hands by handing them our treasury, the should just sell their investment.

Example of a Tax system:

  • Within same day 50%
  • Within Same week 40%
  • Within Same month 30%
  • Within 6 month 20%
  • within 12 month 10%
  • Past 12 month 0%

I agree on the tax but that’s just to high for to long. Sometimes people got bills.

Same day: 60%
Same same week: 45%
Same month: 30%
3 months: 10%
6 months: 0%


Titano Finance did this as a means of preserving value for hodlers (sale tax from whales would return to back the value of TITANO). It did work quite well mitigating the fall in TITANO’s price. Think it’d work well if we implement it


Hey have you looked at the wonderland 2.0 proposals? Our tokenomics deal with exactly this!


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@LarryFisherman, yes i think its this bit: “Fee structure that incentivizes longer term investors rather than shorter term momentum speculators” I was just proposing the model and a bit more meat to the bone.

I don’t like this tax logic. What if we set a minimum period of time of holding to gain the right to vote on the DAO?

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sorry that was a bit unclear, there is a medium link at the bottom of the proposal to our full proposal, that discusses tokenomics in depth

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I don’t think this is smart. It will Dissuade a vast majority of investors who don’t want to be forced to lock up money for a long periods. You will die a slow death of lack of interest and other more liquid investment protocols will get the $$.

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