Why people stupid? Vote doesn't work!

Literally!!! Some random dude came up with these votes and y’all think y’all saved lmaooo.

Who’s gonna enforce it? Daniele and sifu abandoned this project. Daniele just removed wonderland from Twitter and trying to silently exit.

Again… who is enforcing the result of the vote??? Just shows how you guys are truly brainless

If they go through with the vote, which is currently overwhelmingly to dissolve Wonderland, the winners will be people who just bought for $15-20k.

Just having a non criminal at the treasury would be an easy 3x of the price.

The play was to make people desperate to sell out for a low price. Those votes, acquired on the cheap, have now voted for an exit.

COMPLETELY missed the point and COMPLETELY disregarded my post. My point is that nobody has ways to actually enforce the voting result to be excecuted.

Wonderland APP down it seems people are not concerned at all.

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Money Safu


Anon devs can rig the pay out. They can game selling the treasury. This will be a disaster for frogs. Only whales who bought at $15-20k will be happy.

I voted NO, because it will be easy to 3x the price from here, with no criminal treasurer. Redemption is a disaster for frogs.

The smart play could be to sell a little under backing before redemption. Buying AVAX could be a good investment. It is in a low, but recovering.

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