WL DAO - List your Skill or where you want to add value to the DAO

Hi Frog Fam,
I put a post in Discord about getting a list together of everyone who wants to the help with getting things done right.

Let’s use this forum to start this and we can look to migrate to something more permanent later.

Hit Reply and type in your Discord handle, skill or area of expertise and which part of the DAO you’d like to add value to; i.e. Governance, Tokenomics, Marketing, Communications, Community, etc.

Let’s get this done. LFG Frogs!


Hi everyone,
To limit similar posts and proposals.
Use this link to a well set-out framework for WL2.0:

and here:



I’m impressed by the amount of work and thinking that’s gone into this.
The very first hurdle to overcome is establishing communication and confirmation that Dani and team are serious about actually handing over the keys. I’m not seeing much response in threads, without this confirmation then I fear it will be a waste of effort.
Once comms are restored it’s then a question of how negotiable is this 5 days deadline to get organised.


GM! I cannot find the Discord post you mentioned.
Any help would be appreciated.
Also, out of curiosity, may I ask why you posted it on Discord? Why not right here?
On our Discord server, there’s so much senseless posting, noise and FUD, it’s virtually impossible to communicate.

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