Wonderland Back on Track Proposal

Right now, Wonderland need a certain rode to follow. We can’t keep moving around from proposals to proposals and from coins to coins. We already moved from MEMO to wMEMO and i believe the community do not want to move again, this time to SPELL.

Saying that i will make this proposal to keep wonderland as it is, BUT WORKING. It is important to remember wonderland was created to the frogs, small, big, does not matter. All frogs are the same.

  1. Governance: We NEED a better and clearer governance in Wonderland. We appreciate the work and effort Daniele do/is doing but he can’t manage everything alone. These are some crucial points we need to work on:
  • Treasury: We need a professional team taking care of treasury. Treasury is too big and important to be taken care by just one person.
  • Communication: Announcements have not been clear to the majority of frogs. This causes uncertainty in the community.
  • Marketing. New frogs are always welcomed and will be very important as we recover.
    (yes we will)
  1. Revenue Share: It is not a secret that the frogs have been waiting for the revenue share. It is important that we take this step forward ASAP and start the passive income engine. This would bring hope and a new energy to Wonderland.

  2. Treasury management: Treasury should be managed for the frogs. Taking that in consideration I would suggest a few things.

  • wMEMO burn and a permanent stop in the buy backs. This would increase the share of the treasury of each frog and compensate the frogs that stayed through these difficult TIMEs.
    *Treasury needs to be sustainable and diversified. 40% stables farming, 40% safer coins, 20% riskier assets like BSGG (just an idea, don’t need to be these % exactly).
  • 2/3 of treasury gains goes to frogs through revenue share and 1/3 stay in treasury for compounding. ( just and idea again, maybe 50-50?)

Of course there is much more to cover and improve, but i think that these 3 are crucial to put Wonderland back on track and this would give the community the strength to keep going.

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In order for BuyBacks to be successful there needs to be a sell tax to deter the whales. Several posts now have been made about sell tax. Essentially the longer you hold the less tax.


I am saying we should stop the buybacks. Sell tax can be very good option too of course.


This does touch on some important improvements. I’m hoping to get some clarity from the AMA tomorrow and then I’ll circle back with more ideas.

Hey have you looked at the wonderland 2.0 proposals, it touches on all the points you mentioned and describes concrete solutions for dealing with them.



We need to get rid of Dani & company for good ASAP!

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