Wonderland to hire a dedicated Comms manager to assist Sifu + team

Wonderland is meant to be built around community. There’s endless talk of ‘frogs stronk’ and ‘frogs help frogs’ - and maybe it’s all true. But the rapid price decline and cascading liquidations of Dec 21/Jan 22 suggest the reality is somewhat different. The game theory (3, 3) model evidently doesn’t prevent some frogs (i.e. whales) and bots manipulating price to maximize their profits - which can easily destroy the holdings of more ‘everyday’ retail investors - at least in the short-term. This in turn gives rise to panic and FUD, which further dents Wonderland’s credibility and its appeal to new investors. And this is before we even get onto the subject of the founders’ missteps.

Think what you like of Dani and Sifu (and I still have faith in them), they’re still human. Still fallible. Still liable to misspeak or make other mistakes (like sleeping through devastating liquidation cascades) in the course of managing the protocol. Human error is inescapable. But the cults of personality that have grown around these individuals mean their errors have more grievous impacts than usual. Frogs don’t just lose $$$, they lose faith.

For the good of the protocol, I propose that we hire a dedicated Comms and Messaging Manager (or similar) - someone independent of the existing team but tasked to work closely alongside them. This individual’s role would be to:

  • Update all documentation to ensure it is accurate and sufficiently detailed, balancing the need to encourage new investors while educating them about the workings of the protocol. Managing expectations = more realistic, long-term investors who won’t panic-sell at the first hint of whale profiteering etc.
  • Gather information about all forthcoming projects and investments from Dani, Sifu and team (bound by an NDA or similar, of course) and present them to the wider community (and wider world) at the proper time and in a precise and considered way. For example, no more announcements about Airdrops when the nature and mechanics of said Airdrops are as yet undecided. Let’s stop muddying the waters with conjecture and provide people with the info they want and need WHEN it’s appropriate to do so.
  • Maintain and update the FAQs section of the Wonderland Discord to ensure accurate info is available at all times.
  • Maintain a separate, linked news hub where newcomers or those seeking complete and accurate info from a reputable source - Wonderland itself - can find what they need: the official word. This should help to clear the Discord of the many thousands of repeated questions and free space for productive discussions about the protocol mechanisms and future. Discord and Twitter are good sources of opinion. They’re not good sources of factual information - or at least, not without painstaking detective work. Let’s give people the resources - and thereby the reassurance - they need in a single, easy-to-navigate space.

It’s my belief that having someone working every day on collecting, considering and communicating information about and for Wonderland - while also representing to Dani and Sifu the views voiced by the frogs - will make the protocol a far more stable part of the Frog Nation ecosystem. It’s not a complete solution to all our problems. But it makes it far easier to bring our community together, ensure a single source-of-truth for all frogs, and make Wonderland the best-run organization in the DeFi space.


This should be a top priority.


100% agree this is absolutely required and a well presented proposal.


I agree with the sentiment of this proposal, I think all the objectives listed here are needed and necessary. I do have a hard time with adding more centralization to our DAO. I can’t help but pick out the last sentence in your proposal “ensure a single source of truth for all frogs”, as a prime example of why it could be a bad idea to further centralize the communication between the investors and the operators of this protocol.

I know it might seem like a daunting task to create a body within our community that can fulfill the objectives you suggest in this proposal, but I believe it would be both possible and in our collective best interests.

Your first point, about Documentation, we can solve this as a community by coming together in a specific channel on discord to discuss what needs to be changed, how to word it so most people can understand it, and we can even work out the illustrations together.

Your second point, about being able to learn about upcoming deals and preparing presentations for the community and wider world to understand the benefits of the deals and the mechanisms in which the investors will see benefits. I think this is so incredibly necessary for the protocol, but again I don’t think it’s necessary to knight a single human to handle that task. We can, together, formulate an outline of how we expect the operators of this protocol to deliver information to investors and at what stages of the deal process to inform us. We can collectively decide on a kind of template, with specific key areas of information that must be filled out Before the operators of the protocol can release the information to the wider world. This way we know certain questions are already answered, and certain mechanisms are Already thought out and put in place before word gets out. We don’t need to have a single source of trust in a human to achieve this.

Your third point, updating the FAQ, this one should be easy for the community to be able to do. If a kPop band can create a crazy effective army with merchandising, manufacturing, marketing and whatnot - all done by a Fan Club - I think we have a shot at being able to pull this off.

Your fourth point, I couldn’t agree more about. I think we can make this happen together as well. I’m working with a couple other people already to build an initiative within the community to, at the very least, kick-start this effort Now, while we’re figuring out who to hire and how much to pay them to do the job, we can get some of the first steps done together. Who knows, maybe we’ll find it’s a lot easier and highly likely to be a lot more fun than hiring an outside agency to do for us.

I want to reiterate that I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of your proposal and think every objective outlined in it is achievable. I believe it’s a great idea to discuss getting someone or some mechanism in place to boost the communication practices in this protocol. If you’re interested in putting some of your talents to use and having some fun with frogs along the way, we can get a jumpstart on the job together. I made a forum post about it titled “Join a Marketing Initiative”. I’m not about to highjack your proposal any more by dropping a link though.

Thanks guys for the replies, I appreciate it.

Personally, with kids + life + working a very demanding tech job (I’m a writer for various startups and big tech companies), I doubt I have time to help make this stuff good myself. I also have a personal principle about not doing free work that will line the pockets of those already more wealthy than me.

I personally don’t have issues with there being a 7th (or whatever) member of the Wonderland team, if it helps the protocol. It’s only a quasi-DAO right now anyway, and let’s face it: Dani, Sifu and Georgiy hold the keys to the kingdom and aren’t going anywhere. (Not that I want them to.)

I’d love to see Wonderland operate efficiently as a true DAO in the future, but we’ll always need community-backed individuals to manage things day-to-day. I think the benefits of adding a comms person to shape and maintain messaging would far outweigh the risks of further centralizing power etc. Esp if this person’s job spec was to function as one of the core team while representing and serving the frogs’ interests - not those of the founders.


I love the DAO idea especially for the frog nation. We trust Dani and Sifu to do work to make the APR/APY possible for the Wonderland. It is extremely difficult if/when we go into a bear market. A lot of frogs have not gone through any crypto winter. Dani has so much on the plate to make the project successful. A see current communication is lacking from Sifu but Dani has stepped out with AMA.
I agree Comms manager with help out the workload of the project.

Sifu, already takes money for his team, if he thought he needed to spend some of it on coms, he would have, twitter/discord/forums/docs. I don’t think you can tell him how to spend his money.

This should be a TOP priority for us at this stage. Imo we have the ideal nominee already.

Twitter user @thedefiedge https://twitter.com/thedefiedge has been making amazing threads that have gone a long way in stopping FUD dead in it’s tracks but also giving a clear and thorough explanation of directives and why they’re important.

The same person has been doing a killer job on Reddit under username u/The_Happy_Hatter. His threads consistently are the most read, commented and upvoted for how well they explain what’s happening.

They’ve expressed interest in the position

"That sounds like a dream!

• Access to the team for direct information
• A small budget to hire professional designers / editors / video creators.

Give me that and I could really help the project out. "

Their threads have been retweeted by Sifu and Daniele as well as many of the Wonderland influencers. This is clearly a passion AND skill. We should absolutely hire them.

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I thought about this morning on the way to work and I whole heartedly agree. They need a PR community rep to assist. They do a great job but are busy.

I think you’re absolutely right. It’s unrealistic to believe this is a completely decentralized organization while at the same time acknowledging the absolute power and authority of the team we already have in place.

I agree it’s in our best interest to have someone or a small group of individuals particularly concerned with the behind-the-scenes of the project, who are provided additional access to information that is not otherwise shared with the community yet and is being incentivized in a way to encourages diligence and honesty. That would be a beautiful scenario. I don’t think it would invoke distrust of the operators, but instead a sense of desire for clarity and security. That’s an interesting and complex cookie jar to reach our hand in though, worst case scenario is that the incentives we provide are outweighed in a defcon scenario, which I suspect won’t ever happen anyway. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t intend to seem as though I’m trying to totally shoot down the idea of hiring a team to do marketing, we definitely need something. And I especially feel bad if you got the impression I’m trying to pressure you or others into doing Wonderland’s job for them. We are investors in a project that we kinda expected to have things like this in place already. I’m right there with you on that. I just think it could be fun for a lot of people in the community to bind together and make just about everything a marketing agency would create fun us.

:thinking: I bet we have some folks who are marketing professionals right here in the frog nation. I don’t think they should put in Work for this project, they already put in money. But some people view parts of their job as fun, where as the rest is the work stuff. I have a feeling there are people who enjoy doing something someone else thinks is work but still find some stuff boring, while still others who enjoy doing what that first group finds boring, and so on. There are folks who find pleasure in organizing and even others who find math relaxing for some weird weird reason.

I think it’d be great to have an outreach team with PR experience (and paid for it) to ensure the project has its best foot forward, I thought we already had something along those lines. Maybe we already do have that team and we just need to be more clear about what we expect from them. Either case, I’m also passionate about trying to encourage the community to get involved in the image of the project, be a part of the project more than rebases and APY, be able to show their friends the project and point out parts they themselves had a hand in making a reality. We have an opportunity to be more than a venture capital crypto fund, and the community has an opportunity to be more than investors in one. Being an investor and a venture capital fund is great, there’s nothing wrong with those things, that is what we signed up for. It’s just not where we seems to find ourselves, so the opportunity is there.

Sorry for the novel. I’m one of the people that find writing fun, so it’s not work for me. I especially apologize to those who don’t find reading fun, I just made you put in work if you got this far. :wink:


We are moving forward with launching a YouTube channel to give existing investors, and potential investors a “one stop shop” for news and information. We have a team lead, digital content creator, and someone familiar with SEO currently. If you would like to get involved please email us at wonderlandcryptonews@gmail.com

Our hope is to show Daniele, Sifu and the Dev team the value of an organized PR and marketing arm for the clear release of news and applicable documentation relevant to that news. This will give the face of “one team one voice” and mitigate FUD in the community.

Our end game would be all information released would be vetted through this team to ensure a clear message. In addition we would eventually be responsible to keep official documentation and investor facing materials stay up to date.


I just wrote a similar (but with differences) proposal before seeing this: Hire a New Team Member to Help wSifu

Ya I saw that. We have a small team started and have started building something as we feel it is imperative to give clarity to potential and existing investors. Way too much going on without a clear message. I am heading the team as I have run a marketing company in the past, Matt is working on videos, and we have Tim who may be helping with SEO. Let me know if you would like to help. Even pushing people here to comment will show how urgent the need it. Our goal is to be the official outlet for new info from the core team. This would ensure we release the information in a clear way with plenty of supporting videos and documents so people are not confused.


I’d be happy to volunteer some of my time also.

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Grateful for any help. Email me at wonderlandcryptonews@gmail.com

I second the motion for a comms manager. Will help transparency and coordinate the frogs of the nation

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