1 Free TIME NFT for every Staker for their 1st month anniversary

It is a simple and inexpensive way to generate a team identity, many would use it as a profile in all their social networks, and for many it would be their first NFT.
I understand that the best thing would be to join it to the Frog Nation movement as part of the projects spearheaded by Daniele but with its own personality that identifies us as Time Holders.
I know that 1 month sounds like an eternity in this world of cryptocurrencies, so I am open to change the proposal, it could be delivered from the moment you make the bet, or at the 1st week, or have different levels of NFT according to the time you have kept your Time staked.


@guguzx already commented in his proposal “so I think some rewards can be given to diamond holders who continue to maintain stakes, such as NFT, which can also improve user stickiness to the project, including a smooth transition to GAME, and NFT market”
He said it better than I can, but I think it may help to make a concrete proposal on NFT Rewards for Time Diamond hands.


Thank you for your support. I agree with you

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I made my own lol,
@JSaiyin on twitter :slight_smile:

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