3 points or List of ToDos is confusing

The 3 points or the list of things to do in order to participate is confusing. First one’s title is “Purchase wMEMO.” In the second point, it tells you to “stake your wMEMO.” Does this make sense? Is wMEMO not staked TIME/MEMO? By buying it in the first point as wMEMO, aren’t youb doing the same thing as staking TIME/MEMO? I already have wMEMO through staking MEMO on Wonderland. That clears step 1. Then step two asks me to stake something that is the staked version of something another token? This is not the intended reception is it? That’s just unusual wordage is it not or have things changed and I need to find a place to stake my wMEMO because staking my TIME/MEMO to turn it into wMEMO isn’t the same as buying wMEMO on sushiswap?

You are correct, you can’t stake wMEMO yet. It will be possible when the revenue share contract goes live.

soooo shouldn’t that be changed on the site? If I am right that is extremely confusing and a huge waste of time as there isn’t any info on this and you would think you’d be able to find it on your own pretty fast… but that’s beside the point. It is simply words in html that can easily be rephrased. People shouldn’t read anything anywhere that brings them from a state of knowing something to then being unsure… That’s worse than reading something when the topic is unknown and becoming confused…

I will try to put the word forward so they can edit it, fingers crossed. Revenue share might go live faster though, will see.

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