5 whales control 27.1k Time and voted for YES for the proposal vote NO for the Frogs or create another proposal before this one ends if you have 100 Time


5 wallets making 27.1k time of voting power !!! Is this a fucking joke vote ? When they join the


and how much are they holding for it ? Nice way to get out with frogs funds Daniele !!!

Please if you have 100 Time submite a proposal to undo this lame proposal
The project can pay us back above the buy back price over time !
This is just whales manipulation that are in it because of the backing per time so they are taking as much time that they can buy now !


Whales will manipulate us and split the biggest parts of treasury to themselfes. Although it seems in the discord that most of the frogs want to continue and are voting NO - We can not beat whales…Lets make more fair voting scheme, where all votes are equal please.


I saw a breakdown of votes. Vast majority of Frogs are voting NO.

Remember that Whales can buy a lot of cheap shills to come and say break up the treasury. Look at the voting pattern instead of trusting what you read in discord, or on social media.

Frogs want to continue.


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