7 questions to Daniele before chosing the future of Wonderland

In such a delicate moment for Wonderland the priority must be addressed to TRUTH. This is the essential foundation of the new path to take (if voted so by the DAO). But before chosing, here’s 7 fundamental questions that the whole frognation want to have answered before chosing.

We all hope you’ll be crystal clear and truthful to the community.

  1. Did you know about Sifu’s past before proposing to confirm him as treasury manager of the DAO?

  2. Will Sifu remain somehow involved in the management of Wonderland if the DAO votes to remove him from the treasury?

  3. What measure do you intend to take for avoiding this situation to repeat in the future?

  4. Can you clarify your relationship with Paolo Barrai, Giancarlo Devasini AKA “Merlin” and Oliver Camponovo? Also, are they somehow involved in Wonderland or any other FrogNation project?
    Reason for the question are the threads of yesterday (27/01/2022) made by Nicola Borzi, freelance investigator with 30+ years of experience. https://twitter.com/nicolaborzi
    Please clarify that

  5. Do you plan to audit each member of Wonderland (yourself included) in order to give proof to holders that the DAO is run by good, transparent people with no criminal records?

  6. Which measures do you plan to take for making communication with holders more transparent and effective, independently from their timezones?

  7. Can multisig be extended to a third party entity as a an additional safety layer to prevent malicious funds withdrawal?


They are all part of a ring of fraudsters. Going to the most elaborate ponzi scheme in history. Inside trading endlessly…

Accept we’ve lost, someone with big money will find Dani and co or Shitfu will take Dani to India…

Karma exists…

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These are great questions. We need clear answers to those asap.

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Share in the discord to increase the possibility to have them answered.

Fully support this. Need more awareness.

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