8hr Rebase - TIME in position v REBASE REWARD ratio

Whales are undoubtedly buying a minute before rebase and selling a minute later contributing nothing to our ecosystem.

If whales want to profit from Wonderland they need to also risk the position for the full 8 hours for the rebase reward.

The proposal is simple.

The 8 hour rebase to remain however wallets are rewarded a % based on time spent in the held position.


If a wallet purchases Memo 1 hours before rebase they would only be entitled to 1/8 of the rebase reward. If they purchased 3 hours before rebase they would only be entitled to 3/8 of the total rebase reward. Holders that have held their position the full 8 hours would be entitled to 100% of the 8 hourly rebase reward.

Let’s discuss and push this through to stop the buy sell bots and make whales take the same risk as everyone else, for the same reward as everyone else.

Please discuss and LIKE this post so we can take to vote.


Rebasing is no incentive for holding. Rebasing happens to keep your relative share of market cap and compensate for dilution.

Since you can easily trade through wMemo you can dodge any Limitation since wMemo is prestaked. (Holding wMemo for 1 minute will give you a 8h reward)

Since any changes in price of wMemo will get arbitraged by bots I don’t see where this would fix this myth which I myself couldn’t find empirical evidence for so far.


My friend you have this comment down to an art by this point thank you for your DD

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We had this discussion almost a month ago.