A (4,4) Mint similar to HectorDAO

I’d like to see us off a minting/bonding option like HectorDAo has. They offer what they call a (4,4) bond. What’s special about it is that it matures and pays out in WHEC (wMEMO for comparison). You don’t miss out on any of the rebases, and you don’t have the same tax implications that a standard Mint/Bond would. They implement a four (4) day maturity date versus the five (5) day that most DAOS use. I’m not sure it would make sense to shorten the term for just one type of Mint, but I don’t have a strong opinion on it either way.

Tl;Dr: Offer an auto-staking Mint that avoids the tax implications that standard minting causes. Thoughts?

So a lot of people talked about this in the past. Most people just said, just claim and auto stake. To which, I mainly agree, but understand why people like that feature.

However, you say its not the same tax implication, why is that ? Because you save the wrapping transaction ?

Sorry, I was off the grid for a couple days on vacation.

Yes, wrapping is mostly a way to avoid the rebase taxable events that happen in the US. Getting paid directly into a wrapped coin would be a win/win for all of the US investors, and there quite a few of us.