A comment on marketing

Just a comment on marketing. I am seeing a lot of productive comments but I am a little concerned that they’re not all being brought together. I am a brand guy and I do this for a living and there’s often a missing step and I am seeing it happen here.

Let me explain;

Yes, there’s a lot of tweaks that can make things better, but changing UX or tweeting more regularly isn’t going to make folks pick one project over another.

Fact is OHM forks are new. So is Time.

The mission/Purpose behind Time Wonderland needs to be tied down into a simple, understandable brand and also communicated in a way that speaks to investors.

This needs to then be threaded through how the brand behaves, how we manage community, comms and all.

I’m not writing off any marketing posts, pretty much everything I’ve seen is right in terms of “activities” and “to do’s”

But what this brand needs is a purpose that links what the DAO and fork is looking to achieve and how it’s going to be relevant to a class of investors. Tie that down, make it razor sharp and then get all the activities to communicate in line with this so it’s not just a lot of things being said, but a strong, purposeful message that is intended to attract in investors and communicate what the plan is to other stakeholders.

Get that brand/organisation Essense/purpose nailed down. Have it be relevant and then plan your visual and verbal comms around that - that’s how it’s done.

Had to speak up, it’s just something I am not seeing when browsing through these threads. And I honestly invested in this on a whim, and aside for hearing Ellio Trades say there’s plans I have absolutely no clue what this project is about. That needs to be clarified.

And on those who talk about not investing in marketing because this thing has grown on its own - yes - up to a point. This thing is now at a point where word of mouth only goes so far. When a sceptic comes to test an advocates assumption on the project that person needs to have substantive counter points and propositions - at the moment we don’t really have that.

Those arguments also need to have proper comms that support them and there needs to be some strategic outreach to maintain growth. Basically there are levels to this and we need to gear up.