A house of cards looks cool until the wind blows. Who in the crypto space could manage the treasury better?

I have no idea, but the lending program was so suicidal that they shut down minting W.avax and you can only mint mim and time. Both Danis projects. That is not a good sign. Im not a cultist so i believe someone else should step in to audit actions of the treasury. Not kick dani and sifu out, but an outsider with an inside position. I have never seen this many death humps in a chart and i think we are about to see what happens when we hit backing price very soon. This isnt panic, i dont care if i lose every penny. I dont trust the clear manipulation i am seeing in the charts and i want this project to succeed. Steve jobs brought in that dink from pepsi. We need a pepsi dink to that can help guide direction while these guys pitch ideas. What has happened the past 3 weeks did not have to happen the way it went down, we never should have dropped bellow 5k

While a full explanation would be nice I’m fairly sure the reason for the temporary hault to avax minting was to keep the treasury intake balanced
for that project the market is volatile and huge swings in avax don’t make sense to lend against at the moment. mim is versatile as it is a stable coin time in a similar manner is close to it’s backing price currently so the any liquidation and asset capture has a limited downside at the moment I don’t think this is the monster your seeing it as .


Didn’t the Pepsi dink, fire him not long after?

Pepsi guy sucked probably more like Tim Cook profits have risen dramatically but he hasn’t done much innovation