A Middle Ground Proposal- Keep Treasury with Option to Exit at Backing Price

Clearly there are some who want to wind the treasury down and others who want the project to continue. Both sides have legitimate concerns. Here is what I believe is a middle ground proposal.

  1. Allow the project to continue for those who have held.
  2. For anyone who wants out, provide an option to be reimbursed for their share of the treasury.
  3. Establish criteria for those eligible to be reimbursed. Individual must have held one of the Wonderland Tokens between the start of the most recent liquidation cascade last week until the time when the announcement was made about Sifu.
  4. Eligible individuals then are to submit a request for reimbursement at the backing price. This reimbursement would be for the value of their Wonderland asset. Individuals who take advantage of this must forfeit their Wonderland assets that they are requesting reimbursement for.
    If the individual sold their asset that was held during this time, the reimbursement would equal the value of the Wonderland asset backing price minus the value at which they sold. This will prevent whales and others who were not invested during this time from taking treasury funds.

This will allow the Wonderland team to develop a clear understanding of how much is owed and to be paid out by the treasury to the individuals who are owed money prior to proceeding forward. The backing price should then be announced. Individuals can proceed with this reimbursement of decide to continue their adventures in Wonderland. This defined backing price will be the start of the floor price for the Wonderland project moving forward as well.

This will prevent whales from taking advantage of the situation. I think this will also help rebuild trust for this project, which is needed if Wonderland is to be successful in the future.

  1. Individuals who purchased after the proposed time frame and who choose not to be reimbursed for their asset may continue their Wonderland adventures with new management in place. The team can start fresh and rebuild the project from there.

“Wonderland Tokens between the start of the most recent liquidation cascade last week until the time when the announcement was made about Sifu.”

Why should they be be eligible if they sold after Sifu announcement? They accepted the sell and should only be entitled to what they got. No do overs. Must have been holding before the Sifu announcement and still must be holding. If you sold, you are out.

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Perhaps a more appropriate time frame would be from the start of the recent liquidation cascade until the announcement about buy backs at the treasury price. I do believe this would help rebuild trust in the project and would be necessary for the project to succeed. Open to other suggestions or thoughts on refining the details of this proposal.

Thought it might help to explain the thinking behind this a bit more. One of the problems has been that promises weren’t delivered, one of which was the ability to sell at the backing price. I do believe that led many people sold as they watched the backing continue to decrease without a way to exit at the backing price. A lot of uncertainty still remains about what the backing price actually will be once this is all said and done. I think that reimbursing those who sold under that backing price would help rebuild some trust and “right a wrong” if you will and establish a floor price for moving forward too. Additionally, that will help prevent people from taking advantage of anyone still holding and trying to deplete the treasury if it is dissolved.

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I would agree with this if it only takes count of holders who didn’t sell until now, the ones who bought and held BEFORE sifu announcement.

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I think that is fair. Perhaps it is best to include holders prior to the announcement to vote on dissolving Wonderland.

It’s definitely not going to dissolve. The vote is just sham to show people “look we did try to shut it down but the people didn’t want it.”

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