A Real Lemon

It is not the 80,000% apr that Wonderland promises that brought me to even consider buying $TIME. In fact, three months ago I would have looked at such a thing and have been so sure that it was just another opportunity for me to be a loser again, but oddly enough, it was when the catastrophe struck(depending on which seat at the table you reserved) that Wonderland was even remotely interesting.

Here was a token with a value of almost $10,000.00 and now, mere scraps left of the mummy to keep the curious nature of discovery from falling for the abyss.

It was remarkable.

$10,000.00 … and now $300.00 if you’re lucky.

That is the sense I got in my adventure, that this was not a moment I wanted to pass on. Not for a Lamborghini or a chateau, but the assurance that I can walk to the gas station and buy a cup of coffee as often as it suits me.

I pick weeds and grass and sticks and leaves. I make things out them. Lots of things. I made it here.

What Wonderland appears to need is a qualified individual with a background, and knowledge, in the experience of Wonderland, DeFi, Crypto with the same sense of the closure that beckons when one looks to the moon, not as a distant celestial sphere, but right in the sky, So close you can smell it.

That person is O.D.M Patryn

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Who?? Please instead of speaking in allegorical and philosophical innuendos, perhaps try being frank.

I did not get a notification for your post. I wonder if you should look a little further into what you are commenting about.

I don’t mean to offend, but I must ask, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?

I seem to bring out the best of the worst.

Perhaps it’s the forest growing on your chin

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I don’t care to know you by this, but why not think about taking the words you have directed at me and present them to your local Chief of Police?

In the United States at least, there are laws against what you have done. So, be that example you are demanding of me.

Closic this post because you guys a being toxic and there is already one about bringing Sifu back as TM.

That being said, Sifu already said he would not come back after that post was created.