Abra, Stables, or L1 Option for Rage Quitters

I would be in favor for treasury redemption in either Spell, Stables, or L1’s for the rage quit options rather than portion of a bundle of assets held in treasury

Why not TIME, MEMO or AVAX (which many used when entering)? Let’s not have too many coins and too many calculations! Keep it simple.

The true win-win rage quit option should be based on the initial purchased dated price, not a fixed buyback price, therefore the whales won’t be able to raid our treasury.

Most of the long holders who wish to exit are small investors, the total of their initial investment would be a small fraction compared to the total payout to whales with fixed buyback.

Therefore, Would you rather let whales raid our treasury with buyback or let them exit according to their purchased price? No more no less!

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