Ad Absolem Proposal & Saving Endangered Frogs

  • Buyback to Backing Price
  • 100x Time

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10% of Wonderland Treasury — 100M MIM

  • Buy 50% Gamestop Stock — 50M MIM**
  • Build 30% Wonderland Game — 30M MIM**
  • Build 15% NFT Marketplace & Wonderverse– 15M MIM**
  • Buy one of Lewis Carroll’s personal copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — one of six original 1865 editions known to exist was sold for a record $1.54 million in 1998 not adjusted for inflation* — and make as NFT owned by Wonderland Community.
  • 3% Frogs Pond — 3M MIM**
  • 2% Team — 2M MIM**
  • Whitepaper (M&A, Finance & Legal)

To the Frog King Officer (FKO) I ask “…is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?”

“The Bilateralist work presents a complete and unified approach to the multisig and buyback issues being discussed at the $TIME, developed and contributed ideas to game theory and apportionment which are well in advance of the 3,3’s.” Equality of outcome - Wikipedia

Wonderful Memories back at the backing price or 100x?


Man, why you keep spamming this? What does voting for “100x TIME” even mean?

in a period of 3 Q’s ie next year $TIME be worth $10,0000, ie the “Quota” I need to pass to remain in control of the multisig.


Time has to be worth 10,0000 or lose control of multisig?

unrealistic returns…

You seem a bit detached from reality sir,

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