Add AMA to RFC requirements

Hi everyone,

just an idea for an addition to RFCs - how about adding the requirement that all topics should hold an AMA once bumped up to RFC level.

This gives an opportunity to…

  • explain the topic and elaborate on ideas,
  • a more accessible audio/video format which may encourage more participants to get involved, absorb information,
  • address questions and comments posted to the topic on the forum,
  • address further questions.

Many proposals are by nature pretty “dry” topics and possibly difficult to read and understand for many in the community. I think an AMA - once the idea has gained significant traction, i.e. has reached RFCs level - could be beneficial to all parties. I noticed this with the recent AMA on DefiDaily with the Wonderland 2.0 team - hearing the team explain their concepts in their own words and having the opportunity to learn more about the vision, background, team members … made it much more accessible.

Where to host AMAs? There appear to be a few options, ideally on a Wonderland-owned platform e.g. on Discord, Wonderland Twitter Space.

Let me know what you think.
Thanks for your time and have a great day,


this is amazing yeah!


Fully support this initiative!

What would the format look like? Who organises and/or hosts it?

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:eyes: Good question. I wonder who could do this. :eyes:

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If we eventually have a “communications department” or similar, perhaps they would arrange AMAs? Perhaps together with the author of the proposal? > Then also advertise the “event” in the community.

Until then, whoever is in charge of the channel on which the AMA will be hosted (Twitter Spaces, Discord, YouTube?) could work together with the author to arrange the AMA - and the managers of all channels could help promote the event so that as many people as possible in the community hear about it and participate (e.g. announcement on Discord, tweet …).

I’ll gladly volunteer to help arrange these AMAs until we have someone in charge (within reasonable time), if that helps.

Good question :slight_smile: See comment below/above.

I’ll add that this suggestion should also apply to WIPs. Even if we’ve already had an AMA at RFC level, it might be a good idea to have another opportunity for questions and clarification at WIP level, just before it goes to vote. Here in particular changes/iterations since the last AMA can be explained.

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my suggestion (cuz i really wanna see this go ahead).
Use pigeonhole for people to ask question during the AMA.

1)ama questions to be asked before hand
2)extra questions (if time permits) to be collected from pigeonhole and curated by an admin

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I have no idea what pigeonhole is but sound interesting - do you mean this Is it a service especially for submitting questions?

Definitely support the idea of having questions submitted beforehand. And also check through most frequently asked and really good questions in the RFC/WIP post.

I’ve seen others use Twitter to collect questions as well: create a post for the AMA, all questions are posted underneath. Or the same in Discord - open a channel for AMA questions > that’s maybe the easiest option because people are already on the platform and you don’t have to ask them to figure out something new, low barrier, make it easy?

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