Add Axie Infinity p2e game to Wonderland

Axie Infinity has grown to 3 million daily active users in 1 years time. If Wonderland could some how bring Axie Infinity onboard, it would be a huge benefit for both of these projects. Thanks to Wonderland for making this process of adding proposals so easy .


So my question is, why would Axie Infinity come “onboard”?

Also, what does that even mean ? We buy the whole thing ? We finance their next update for a certain % of profit ? You say it would be a huge benefit for both projects, what benefits ?

As an FYI, you didn’t make a proposal. You started a discussion. If you would like this to become a proposal, you are going to need A LOT more details on how this make sense and why we should do it. Or someone else on the forum will have too. Right now your are just saying Axie has grown a lot, we should get them on board “somehow”. There are no specifics to vote on.

Don’t get me wrong, props on you for engaging and bringing forward an idea. However, it needs to be fleshed out more if you want it to become anything or want people to believe in your idea.



Thank you very much . Yes it was just an idea, since I heard Wonderland is wanting to add a Metaverse type of game to it’s ecosystem. :slight_smile: