Add MEMO amount to website

People really like watching their MEMO accumilate. I know there’s no difference between WMEMO and MEMO but lots of people don’t. People describe having a real dopamine hit every rebase, this goes away when focussing on WMEMO, despite there being no real difference.

The wonderland website should instantly show you how much MEMO you have based on your WMEMO amount. Not the 1 WMEMO = XX thing, it literally says 0.12343 WMEMO = 3.4543 MEMO or whatever, a number that people can watch.

Maybe even show a history of MEMO being deposited into the WMEMO. A psychological trick of course, but people like it, so let’s remove the need to rely on Zapper.

It would be trivial to add and should be added right away to the UI imho


Totally agree, my main pitch for being in Wonderland was, I don’t care if the market goes down, as I continue to accumulate $Time, along with the calculator allowed you to dream of a better future. Now, despite understanding the concept of wMemos, visually we become the same as all other coins. We need to see the compounding factor directly, otherwise we lose all the hook as a project, no matter how much they try to explain that it is already included and that we are having a very high APY, we only see our amount of wMemos without growing, while the price falls and our accounts go down.

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I would rather have a additional line where the current amount of MEMO is shown and the button near it to show the current worth of the investment would be the best way to inspire current investors to hold and watch how it grows. I liked the calculator and the thing that i can check the current state and plan to invest more or withdraw some ammount of it.