Addition of Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer

As the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Wonderland, I would be the voice of the market, seeking to find the balance between immediate consumer wants and innovation for the future. This market analysis is then translated into a roadmap in which each initiative can be voted on by the community as to whether to implement.

I have an extensive background in Product Management and business leadership dating back nearly 20 years. Along with numerous innovations in multiple industries I am also a US patent holder, and I have also had a number 1 song recorded in my studio. Before diving into the digital businesses I toured the world as a tour manager and engineer with some of the most famous bands on the planet. In my digital professional career I have led multiple product management teams working on beta programs with Apple, Samsung, and Google, as well as currently consulting to one of Europe’s largest Omni channel businesses.

My knowledge of building meaningful digital products, inspiring innovation, and international business leadership would be of extreme value to Wonderland.

My intention is to turn this discussion into an official proposal to join the team. I would be willing to do this pro-bono for the first six months to help bring Wonderland back on track and assist the team.


I welcome feedback from fellow members on this proposal.

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