Affiliate Program?

I thought it would be nice to be able to make a little extra $ by being having our own affiliate links that we could share and get paid commission for. That could get a ton more people using Wonderland Time!

I love this idea. I’ve been part of a page ( for years that is a btc faucet as well as gambling platform and interest account. They offer a residual affiliate program that pays a tiny fraction for activities performed on their site by your referees. We could do the same here. You could get a small % boost for each rebase one of your referees completes. Or you could get additional MEMO for one of your referees minting time. etc.

On the down side I wonder if we would have a bunch of fake accounts getting referral bonuses off of themselves. I guess Either way they’d have to stake more TIME!

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Not sure, that how you attract all the “wen airdrop?” buyers.

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